love spells

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love spells
Post # 1
has anyone on here cast a love spell and had success with it, can anyone aid me in this
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Re: love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If I say "yes" then your next question is where it gets tricky.

I dont know what your experience is or what your intentions are.

What traditions or path are you into?

If you are out for lust, then yea, theres lots of different things you can do, if youre after forever-lifetime love, thats serious business and typically youre gonna do works on multiple things.

Specific target? just general looking for a soulmate or someone to hang out with?

If you think you just say some words and burn a candle then no, its more involved than that.

So you need to aid yourself. Research about, and watch your expectations. Love spells work and sometimes they work really well, but you never end up with exactly what you were imagining.

Serious love work is going to be a journey, your journey and hopefully one with someone else. You want epic love? Then you have to earn it.

Look into law of attraction, look into whatever your path is (your profile doesnt say...) Thats a start I guess.

I doubt thats what you want to hear, youd rather someone just gives you an easy button to push, but quite frankly the question is so common and in this case so vague maybe you need to think about it a lot more and figure out what it is you really want, come up with your own plan to tackle it magically and then hopefully post here about your success.

Good luck, the world needs more love...

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Re: love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
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Re: love spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Hey, so I was doing some readings on spell work and when it's the best time to do a spell. And it turns out making your own spell is much more powerful than finding a spell in a book or online. And making a love spell is very easy.

Since you're looking to do a love spell I suggest doing it on Friday since Friday is the day of Venus and is the best day to the love and lust spells. Making a love spell is easy you can maybe get one or two pink candles and write your crushes name in pink ink on a paper and visualize you guys being happy together^_^ I'll link some links that can help you! :D

And if you don't want to make your own love spell you can always look for some good ones on this site! They have plenty :)


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