Your journey into Magick

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Your journey into Magick
Post # 1
How do you find yourselves, experienced after so many years in Magick? How do you feel about it and about following this path? You probably understood the question I just cannot imprint it in the most appropriate questions haha.
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Re: Your journey into Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i think i get what you mean.

how do you find yourself?

long journey [hopefully thats a question, the comma makes the sentence odd] meditation and journalling really helps imo. i also read a lot of TinyBuddha and i try to be mindful and observant of myself. about 5 years ago i started what i later discovered to be called my 'quarter life crisis' which made me laugh [i wouldn't consider it that, but it describes it rather well] basically i looked around and said 'i'm not happy, so what would make me happy' and that resulted in a lot of soul searching. it's little things you don't notice like habits [bite your nails when nervous] or thought patterns [specifically negative ones] and learning how to stop them and flip them [i'm not good enough becomes i'm a work in progress] at first it's uncomfortable [usually i would snicker and roll my eyes] but over time it becomes more natural and you form new habits. it's odd but defining what your not makes it easier to find who you are.

experienced after so many years of magick?

again, odd first sentence, but i'll try to answer. as with above, you need to know yourself [after a ritual i crave sweets, so i keep cakes or candies nearby] but it's also something you keep learning and practicing, not just in circle. magick is all around us, and i got burned out some time ago because i was only doing magick in a ritual setting, and that was draining for me [especially with college and becoming an actual adult] so i kind of stopped. still believed, i just didn't do anything. i had this vision of 'the perfect witch' but i could never grasp it. one day i read a book talking about incorporating the magickal and mundane [cleanse while you clean, kitchen witchery, blessings before meals] and that was the big lightbulb moment for me. so while i cast spells, my practice is more mindful and reflecting on the fact there is magick in the mundane. [also no one ever masters this path, you just get really good in one area then find a new way of thinking and move to that]

how do you feel about it and your path?

by 'it' i assume magick? see above really. i find magick is a neutral energy we can tap into to bring a desired change. good or bad it is us who influence it, it is how we use it. you also don't need to buy a candle, rare herbs, and cast a circle under the full moon to cast a spell. you simply charge the energy and direct it. this is where some people unknowingly cast. you might constantly repeat 'i'm unlucky' in your head or out loud [i lost my phone, god i'm so unlucky] and this is directing the energy to bring that to you. or, out of anger we say things we regret, and as a result, we could charge energy and cast a spell. in Practical Magic, one of the children get into a fight and in rage she points at the boy and yells 'i hope you get chicken pox' next scene we see the boy with chicken pox. [a bit extreme i know, but it is a fair point, in the heat of the moment, we could charge energy and cast a spell, just need focus and intent]

regarding my path, i love my path. i could do more, i know, but i'm comfortable in it, and i find a way to be spiritual every day which makes me happy. my path has gone through a lot of changes and things have been added/removed over time [and will continue to be added/removed]
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Re: Your journey into Magick
Post # 3
Intresting! Nice, nice! So you passed through some lessons at the beginning but learnt from them right? It's good though you didn't give up and it is Beautiful to see someone who is able to see that Magick in the every-day world, without seing it only in a ritual; or thinking Magick is only a spell while it is the whole life. Bravo. :)

Indeed! I have casted at least five spells in my life, without me knowing! And it is exactly as you said, my intent was Very strong and my emotions about these situations were also Very strong so this is how thry have been casted unconsiously! It is just awesome, the best part is that I wasn't intending to actually do a spell; I didn't even know I was capable of it.
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