Journey to Mexico City

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Journey to Mexico City
Post # 1
So, I made a trip to Mexico City, and as I am doing lots of research to see with who I can work for a spell. So being there, I went to Mercado Sonora, the market where you can find everything for Brujeria in the city. I have to tell you, at time, the place has a heavy atmosphere...

Being there I saw ads and people giving me papers for readings, divinations and spellcasting. Anyone who has made some studies on the occult know that discretion is VERY important, so I knew all of these were not reliable. I was asking in some place for a "reading" and only one told me with a very discret voice that a woman right there made that kind of services for 200 pesos (other people announcing said 100). So I walked a while and bought some ingredients.

So I returned, told them I wanted the reading, and then they made me go inside the place and put a blanket down. I told her I wanted to see how to work with my spell. The woman used a spanish poker deck without and asked me to say my name three times with my hand on the deck along with my inquiry and pick 4 cards. She told me a general idea about my situation, and kind of was right on the issue, was right about me already investing lots of money on this.

What was interesting for me was she said "you are alone, right?", explaining she did not see neither a Master nor a spirit behind me to work with and told me that my spells will not work as I have no background. Which also happened one week before that my "Master" in other city told me he would not help me cast that kind of spell.

She later asked me to pick other three cards to see the success rate if she made the spell for me, as she is a third generation bruja and has her mom and grandma as support. She told me it is possible, but I would need to go personally to give her what she needed, and she would give me 9 candles to light up so I can open my way for my spell, that maybe around the fifth everything would be fine. But that I have to decide as I am not from Mexico City and she would be leaving for some day the next day as "thing are getting bad for brujos as of lately".

At least the money she asked for the spellcasting was little compared to other people I spoke around the country. The "you are alone" thing took me by surprise.
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