Doubt in Magick

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Forums -> General Info -> Doubt in Magick

Doubt in Magick
Post # 1
How do you erase Doubt When you are doing spell work and are done with it. But, keep doubting yourself.. if the spell would work or not.
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Re: Doubt in Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Its a personal thing, it takes time and eventually you will get there, figuring it out and growing in confidence, there is no one way to do it, you just have to work at it yourself.

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Re: Doubt in Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 3
there's no easy answer as it comes down to you. while it is not wise to dwell on the spell, you might consider when you're taking action [say you cast a job spell and pass out a resume] quietly say to yourself [in your head or out loud] 'the spell is working' as a way to calm yourself.

if you keep doubting yourself, why is that? i would meditate and journal to work through these doubts. if you have little confidence in your abilities, low self-esteem, or any other doubts, i would work through those and build up your confidence in general as this could be causing a spiritual block weakening or preventing your spell casting.

if your doubts are in the general 'how can spells work' sense, i would read more articles/books on the subject of magick as well as watch videos on the subject [you might even wish to look at it from a scientific perspective] perhaps even more energy work [charge, ground, psi balls] to get a greater feel for the flow of this energy, really harness it, and discover yourself what it can do. the energy of magick is like the air around us, we rarely notice it until it's really acting up, but we use it every day without realizing.
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Re: Doubt in Magick
Post # 4
Whenever you are casting a spell, instead of thinking doubtingly about yourself or that spell, try to invoke positive and hopeful thoughts into your mind, like " the spell that I just did has worked for many people, so it will most likely work with me!" thoughts. Also, make sure you are fully focused on what you want to achieve and on the fact that you actually want it to happen when you are casting spells. Besides these tips, I have to say to you that many people, almost everyone passed from the place that you are right now. We also had our starter doubts and besides that, not every spell we did worked. But as you keep practicing more and more, you will see yourself that you are improving, and more of the spells that you cast will work. It is only a matter of practice, so don't give up, neither on yourself nor on magick! :)
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Re: Doubt in Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Doubt is indeed equivalent to defeat in my book as magick is all about the willpower and intent. I suppose my suggestion is to become more knowledgeable in different subjects and find out what aligns with your moral compass. When you have a better idea of what you are doing you tend to become less apprehensive in doing what it is you are trying to do. Confidence is something you have to obtain; as much as people may be able to support you you are the foundation of whatever it is you desire to build. I mean are you struggling with anything in particular?

Another thing I suggest is go off your gut feeling and do not look back. Intuition is another big key not just in magick, but life as well. Ignoring it is like ignoring your best friend and lying to yourself. Too many times have I ignored my instincts and have found myself in much more unfavorable conditions.

These are simply tips from personal experience. Your will must be strong and your intent must be true do not look back once you decide what you wish to do. Move onward through the blanket of uncertainty as it is an inevitable curtain that falls upon the future result. As we only have experience and the past to make our decisions for the time to come. I once heard in a motivational video that if when we come across a big choice that may effect our events or another's we have a five second window to make that decision as our brain will naturally talk ourselves out of it. Whether it be from fear of the unknown or simply the insecurities we have deluded ourselves with from outside influences. Just all in all follow your gut. It will not lead you astray.
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Re: Doubt in Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I find that I feel much less concern towards the success or failure of what i am trying to achieve by focusing on the present. Confidence comes from an assumption of success. Doubt comes from a fear or assumption of failure. But you really can't know either in the moment because both only exist in the future. And the future is a nebulous thing at best. It is nothing more than a range of possibilities and probabilities that gets wider and wider the farther forward you try to look. but what determines how that future plays out is what happens in the present. So really, might as well focus on that anyways because it is the only place where you can actually have a direct effect.

When working magic, focus on what you are doing in the moment. Be here and now. Focus on your goal and how you can bring it to fruition. Be present of mind and aware of what you are doing and thinking, and do what you can to let go of the need to know if it will work or not. Just do what you are going to do, focus on your intent and goal, and trust that the rest will sort itself out as you work moment to moment to make it happen.

'Way of the peaceful warrior' by Dan Millman, and 'the power of now' by Eckhart Tolle are both very good books about the philosophy behind being in the present moment. Giving either of them a read might shed some insight on the perspective and how it might help.
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