Strange encounter

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Strange encounter
Post # 1
Hi all! A few days ago I was Astral projecting and I had found what I learned was some kind of astral temple, it looked like of like a Cathedral only instead of Christian symbols like you might think it was decorated with symbols of Wicca or paganism. I had merely the thought of something "what is this place" also to digress my energy was vibrating at a very high frequency. Anyway, I heard a response from one of my angels. When ever I project I always ask for of my guardian angels to be with me on the astral plane as I've always thought that my angels would be more familiar with this plane than I'd be, plus I like how I can talk to them even more deeply than on the physical plane. My angel said that this is an astral temple that was made by "the witches of the sacred light" Now, I know it may sound fluffy but I kid you not. When I tried to go in I felt like I hit a barrier, my angel said that "the witches of the sacred light" didn't take well to just anyone walking astrally through their temple. So I told my angel I was going to go back to the physical plane and I thanked her (that angel's energy feels feminent so I refer to it as her when using pronouns). Any how, I meditated on this all called upon my aspect of the moon goddess I work with, I asked if she could tell me what "the witches of the sacred light" are, are they friend or foe? The internet yielded no results by the way. So after I had asked my goddess I felt a stream of images flow through my mind. My goddess also spoke while these images flashed before me. There was a lot of interesting information, but the main point is they honor a goddess that they call "Om" you know, like the sound of energy vibrating? However this name is not her true name, but one spoken to those who aren't in that coven. I guess you could say it's like how in a certain type of Wicca that escapes me at the moment where the followers of this path can't say the name of their deities to those who aren't in it. Kind of like being oath bound, or something like that. And I guess a really big ritual is done during eclipses to honor this goddess. And my own goddess told me some items that are used for this ritual. I'm not sure if this is all of it, a part of it, or a very important part of it, but using a moonstone and sun stones along with a piece of petrified wood has some sort of importance. It has to be more sun stones to moon stones though. And I learned today that there's an eclipse happening soon, I have more details but I don't want to overwhelm anyone. To reiterate I am not making this up, no matter how strange this may sound, this did happen.

Thank you!

Blessed be!
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Re: Strange encounter
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
That sounds like an interesting venture into the astral indeed! Though by my experience it isn't terribly uncommon for someone to come across/be attracted to/stumble over such places. Different groups of beings tend to team up and work together, and can call themselves whatever they want. Most often it is a simple name based on the purpose of the group.

When travelling astrally I have found that if I don't have a specific goal in mind, I tend to be drawn to places which are 'in tune' with my energy and thoughts at the time. For example if you were contemplating magic and lightworking, and as you said in a personal state of higher vibration, that may have drawn you to that synergistic place.
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Re: Strange encounter
Post # 3
Can someone teach me to Astral travel.
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Re: Strange encounter
Post # 4
the witches of sacred light
you have come closer to an alter that is used to cleanse, from what i understand evil. This light you can not go through yet. I can see four people that to me, look like angels. They make the barrier you couldn't go through. It looks important. Like phases of the moon you spoke about, this is a resting place that only activates within certain times in the astral plane. The goddess you look up to has a weird way of speaking. I don't understand what she means when i try to listen to what she is saying."Within this light will appear a sign" That's what i can hear. hope this helped!
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