need advice on possib hex

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need advice on possib hex
Post # 1
Is there any kind of spell or such that uses bones- most likely pork vertebra or chop cut, that are chopped up in a rough dice and Placed in a red solo cup about 2/3 full, Placed on top of a kitchen cabinet in North East corner of room not visible in corner? Because A close friend of mine found this interesting item in her kitchen and the bones had started to form a sort of black and white mold.. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I need to know what it is and why it may have been put there as well so that I will know how to help her properly dispose of it. Can anyone help me?
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Re: need advice on possib hex
By: / Novice
Post # 2
no, not a red solo cup! [sorry, my friends love singing that song at parties, so i can't take it too seriously]

well, logically finding bones on a shelf in your kitchen could be used for soup stocks, stews, or to be boiled down for any number of reasons, but they forgot about it [it happens, i've rendered off fat into a container i forgot about only to find it with mold] while scary, you need to ask yourself how likely is it someone cast a curse/hex, got into your friends house, and was alone long enough to hide it in the exact spot they needed?

magickally, it could be a hex/curse, bones can be used in any number of spells, but not all of them are evil [TheLadyGraveDancer uses bones in a lot of her spells. she's got this amazing death oil using bones, but it's not to kill someone, it's to end habits, emotional ties, stuff like that] if these bones concern you or your friend, fill the cup with salt, wrap it in tin foil and dispose of it off property [i would throw it in the trash on trash day, or i would bury it at a cross roads away from your friends house then take the long way home]

after disposing of the bones, i would cleanse/protect the home and your friend [you might consider doing one for yourself just to be on the safe side. i still think it was cooking people forgot about, but it never hurts to be cautious] you might also consider daily ground and shielding to keep any negative energy away. be sure not to doubt yourself, any random bump in the night doesn't mean you cast wrong, it means a raccoon knocked over a garbage, a tree branch hit your window, the house is settling, it does not mean you made a 'black magick' user mad. [trust me, i've been practicing for almost 15 years, and only once have i ever had what i consider to be a curse thrown at me, but i simply gather up that energy, threw it back at the person, then cleaned and protected and within the hour, no more bad energy]

seriously, it's scary, but there's a lot of signs you were cursed, finding bones is just one of many possible signs. if there were a bunch of other symptoms, then i would think these bones were a curse. the biggest sign in my opinion is the energy. i was sitting relaxing when i got hit with negative energy. it felt like someone threw a soaking wet blanket on me. you might also receive some back luck [bike stolen, favourite shirt ripped, pop quick in math class, forgot homework at home, late for work] but remember one day of bad luck is life. you might also have cold symptoms, achie, tired, under the weather, perhaps even a soar throat or headache depending on the energy.
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