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Repercussions & Specs
Post # 1
Hello. I plan to try a gender- change spell, but before I do, I have a few questions about the spell itself, and consequences, along with details, and a few questions about this practice itself.
1: Is there a sort of 'activator spell' that actually enables the general use of magic? I have tried quite a few gender- change spells, and none of them have borne fruit. I tried the 'Activating your Powers' spell on the main page and chose a path, but either I didn't do it right, or I yelled at a bowl of water for nothing.
2:Should the spell succeed, will records ,such as memories and documents, be altered to account for the new data- i.e. a male changing to female- or will Mom come into my room one morning to find a girl sleeping in my bed, Big- style? There would be all sorts of repercussions should that happen. I have composed a mental list of 'verification words' should this happen, but it would be both easier and in everyone's best interests if reality was altered to account for the new data.
3: What of sexuality? I am currently a heterosexual male. If gender is flipped, will sexual interest change accordingly? Or will I still remain interested in females, effectively making me a lesbian?
4: Will becoming female have any lasting effect on my psyche? This kind of ties in with #2,but should I go from male to female overnight, or even in the span of a few seconds, without the mind being changed to account for it, the shock might cause serious metal problems, or even insanity.
5: Can you recommend a working spell to me? As stated before, I have tried quite a few spells of this nature, but to no avail. Someone please answer my questions. Thank you very much.

Re: Repercussions & Specs
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You can't change your gender with magick, that isn't how real magick works. Magick works alongside natural laws and as such you cannot change your genetics or gender with magick.

No repercussions will come from casting a gender change spell as nothing can happen, it isn't possible with magick only with surgeries, hormone therapy, etc.

Re: Repercussions & Specs
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

No spell or magical working is going to change your gender. Such spells are simply fake and written by those that know nothing of magic. That's why none of the ones you have tried in the past have worked. You cannot alter your DNA through the use of magic, so you remain the same gender at the DNA level and that is reflected in your physical body.

Since you cannot change your gender through the usse of magic the rest of your questions are a moot point.

Re: Repercussions & Specs
Post # 4
One more thing: I won't be instantly condemning myself to Hell or selling my soul to some demon or Satan or whatever by doing this, right?

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