Meteor showers

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Meteor showers
Post # 1
Can anyone help me with this question, and I am kinda new at most of wicca. I know some of the basics, but would you consider seeing a meteor shower to be lucky? Like will good luck come upon the person viewing the meteor shower?
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Re: Meteor showers
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Firstly, I don't think meteor showers have much directly related to Wicca. Then again, I am not Wiccan, so I do not know for sure.

Moving on:
Meteor showers are something which happens on occasion, though there are those which happen annually.

One could infer all sorts of implied meaning into one, however. As the meteors are burning up in our atmosphere, which constellation is its backdrop might be said to have meaning, for example.

Being a rare occasion, it is also possible to say that it's a great reason to make a wish. Seeing a shooting star is exciting, and can evoke some positive emotions. So why not take advantage and make a quick wish?

Of course, in some cultures, signs like this were taken as negatively ominous -- but more comets that I know than shooting stars -- so it may depend strongly on the tradition you follow.
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Re: Meteor showers
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well first of the current astrological phenomenons aren't specific to Wicca but magick in general.

We had the lunar eclipse recently, the meteor shower tonight, as well as mercury retrograde, and the solar eclipse on the 21 [I think that's the right date] this is cause a ton of energy issues that many pagans who are connected to the energy are having issues dealing with [feeling more energized, determined, sudden desires to achieve new goals in your life, vivid dreams, you might also feel negative effects from the energy being overcharged and getting headaches or body pains as well as restlessness and unable to focus] regarding the shower specifically I'm not too sure but I have found several rituals and articles talking about transformation magick at this time. So you might wish to look at aspects of yourself you're trying to change [goals you struggle with] and design a spell/ritual around these desires.
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Re: Meteor showers
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
agree with Neko. Personally, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the energy changes and have had a hard time focusing. I've even had to ask friends about things I normally would know because I can't seem to see the obvious right in front of me. In all of my Wicca studying, I never saw anything in particular about meteor showers. But in my coven work (which consisted mostly of Wiccans) meteor showers were often something that we planned rituals around. Such as annual showers, we would plan to meet. Often times those rituals were about change like Neko said. Transitioning from one part of our lives to another. At times when loved ones of memebers of the coven had recently passed, it would be transitioning from grief to celebration of life, just as an example. I've also talked to people who said that they have had better success with spells during or around the time of a meteor shower. I always consider myself lucky to see one though, because they are so beautiful
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