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Asking for Assistance
Post # 1
I'm looking for a person that has knowledge of Latin as a language and would be willing to help me translate a few lines of English to Latin for an incantation. I plan to cast this for myself during the upcoming solar eclipse and would appreciate any feedback that can be provided.
The spell itself is one for feminization, specifically for a sort of hormone therapy that would raise levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body without pills or injections.
This is the untranslated spell as of this moment:

The blood is merely chemicals.
Let us change them.
The flesh is merely clay.
Let us remold it.
The feminine energy surrounds us.
Let us embrace it.
Our mind and body are ready to be changed.
Let the changes happen.
Let the feminine spirit take hold.
Let our new life begin as a woman.

Again, any assistance in translation or feedback on the spell itself would be appreciated.
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Re: Asking for Assistance
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Google Translate can do it:

Et hoc modo sanguine oeconomiae.
Mutantur nos et eos.
Sed lutum carnis.
Venite remold est.
Femininum industria circumstans nos.
Amplectamur eam.
Mentem ad corpus immutatur.
Ne mutationes in ventura.
Ne feminae animo comprehendere.
Et novam vitam incipiat nos dolores ut parturientem.
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Re: Asking for Assistance
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I would cross check that translation with other translators as Google translate is often terrible. I understand the thought process of using Latin based on it;s belief on how it amplifies spells because of the language holding some power?(Not sure if that's the correct phrasing) However, I would assume the English version would work just as good if you go based on the general idea of how spell work(again sorry if the phrasing is incorrect) goes.

Though, definitely check that translation if you are truly wishing for authenticity.
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Re: Asking for Assistance
Post # 4
Yeah, I do have a rudimentary knowledge of Latin. It isn't great, but it's good enough to know how bad Google Translate is with Latin. And I try to write all my incantations in Latin, since in Roman times, when they still worshipped their pantheon, magic and incantations were extremely common. Latin really does have a power attached to it. That is why I'm asking for help.
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Re: Asking for Assistance
By: / Novice
Post # 5
not to be mean but, do you speak Latin? how do you know you're pronouncing it all correctly. while Latin might sound 'cool' for your spell, it won't make-or-break it [though your inability to understand/say Latin might] you should cast spells in the language you are most comfortable in as it's not the language, you need to understand what you're saying so you can focus. [and even if you wrote it in English and are just reading it in Latin for show and therefore don't care/know if you messed up a word, if you're calling on a deity to aid your spell you'll be confusing them.]
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Re: Asking for Assistance
Post # 6
Yes, I do know the pronunciation, and yes, I can speak some of it, but not fluently. It is a personal choice to use Latin in incantations, in addition to the language's history and usage. I realize it may not be the easiest avenue to navigate in terms of writing a spell, but it is a path that I choose.

Anyways, I have a rough translation of the first three lines so far:

Sanguis materies modo est.
Immutemur eos.
Corpum lutum modo est.
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