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Cleaning 1 or multiple
Post # 1
anyone have any advice on cleaning voo doo spell/multiple spells placed on me? permanent psychic connection with claims the other person can see and hear everything I can. Also they can affect my physical body or so it feels either sending pain or relief.
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Re: Cleaning 1 or multiple
Post # 2

Hey wcgreen04,

That sounds like quite the predicament to be in! The first thing that comes to mind is doing a cleansing of some kind. Perhaps a ritual to absolve energies that aren't yours and to remove any kind of impurities in your own energy caused by outside forces. You could do this a few different ways, such as wearing a talisman for warding and protecting while coupling it with a stone known for dealing with outside energies. I would suggest, perhaps, Chlorite (Phantom) considering it should help in cleansing and purifying the aura. As for the talisman, that's outside of my field of study. I know, for myself, I wear the Celtic Knot for Spiritual Strength or a Seal of Solomon which helps in manifestation - but, I only use this when actually charging an item or casting.

Another good idea for your situation is to check out Indian shops for the Evil Eye. It's supposed to help with protection, but also has a quality of being able to bring a specific ideal towards you - like fortune, wealth or balance.

After that, or something similar, I would suggest learning how to shield. Basically, you would be learning to construct a field of personal energy (i.e. Energy that you control, like your aura) that can reflect someone else's unwanted energies. This can also help with empathy by blocking, or lessening, the contact outside energies have on your own.

But, also, depending on whoever told you this and put you in this situation, it could also be an act of deception. Sometimes its situations like these in which someone may attempt to gain control over someone else by using fear tactics. The best and easiest way to deal with these claims is to shield and prepare for the possibility that they're going to try something. Worse case scenario, you've taken some time to put up some extra guards and prevented the possibility of an unfavorable outcome. The best is that they tried to pull off something and you've created barriers to get in their way.

Once this is done, I suggest wearing amethyst or quartz to help with healing - whether it be rose quartz for helping with the distrust of others or citrine to help with healing, amethyst is a good choice as well since it aids in psychic healing which could be beneficial in your case.

Hope it helps, Umber

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