Glamour resistance help!

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Glamour resistance help!

Glamour resistance help!
Post # 1
Hi. Uh, does anyone have any suggestions on how to build up resistance or immunity against glamour spells? There are a lot of entities out there who use glamour and illusion to lull humans in so...just to be safe?
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Re: Glamour resistance help!
Post # 2
my best advice i can give you is 2 tips

1) create a protection circle on the go, basically its simple, cast a circle around you and using surrounding energies charge it up and project an energy sphere around you , and basically tell it what you want it to protect you from. this not only will it protect you from that around you but by using energy around you you will not drain yourself at all.
(dont use the energy of individuals round you, use Trees, plants, the earth itself ect.)

2)typically when using luring magic (aka seduction magic) an individual usually relies on a specific object to help him/her out, it can be a ring, a necklace, a perfume, their eyes, the way they flaunt their hair, almost anything. what you can do is try and locate the source, and when it is used again make sure you already know what it is and keep in mind that what you are feeling is not real and its only happening because of that object or action.

-Blessed Be
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Re: Glamour resistance help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The best defense in my book is awareness. Spend time practicing conscious willful awareness of your body, energy, and thoughts. it can be a slow process for some, but regular practice of meditation and mindfulness go a long ways in learning to consciously notice the signals and warnings of your environment. In essence it connects you to the parts of your intuition that are normally managed sub-consciously.

The next part is developing a strong sense of self and personal authority. it is valuable to recognize that no malicious dark or negative entity can cause direct harm to you. they can not take your energy if it is not given, they can not make you do things if you do not want to do them. They work by trying to make you -feel- vulnerable, or -feel- weak, or -feel- like they are controlling you, and try to convince you to allow it to happen. By being within yourself and within your own personal power, one comes to understand that you don't have to be vulnerable to those sorts of influences. And that becomes protection in and of itself. ^_^
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