Amulets and talismans

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Amulets and talismans
Post # 1
Hello everyone, does anyone know what I'm supposed to feel when I put on an amulet or a talisman? Because people have told be that when one of those are put on I'm supposed to feel something and so far I can't feel it and don't know what I'm supposed to feel. I don't even know if the amulets I bought are real or not, I didn't buy these from this website so I don't know. One is called Draco sword pendent, it supposed to help your vitality, wit and protection and the other is called Key of Solomon pendent, it supposed to help your sorcery, does it sound right? If anyone knows the answer please let me know. I'm just looking for any types of advices because I'm pretty lost right now
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Re: Amulets and talismans
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Amulets and talismans
Post # 3
Dont know about Solomons and other stuff like that. But in fact there is nothing special you can feel. Spend some months making rituals and attaching some sort of energy into your amulet. There has to be a symbol in it - either defense, or darkness, or light, or luck. You may use the ritual of natural sources. Not sure how it is called in English, but thats the thing the anime Avatar is about) they talk about 4 sources, but in fact there are 5. Fire water air ground and spirit. Draw a pentagram of these elements (you may find it in the net) and put the amulet inside. Then put different things which symbolize the elements. E.g. i always use candle, old coal, drops of water, male.... Male thing from the genitails and that is all. Wind cant be symbolized for it is endless. Instead of the man's 'thing' you can use blood. But this is unnecessary violence) remember that ritual is another tool to make one believe in magic, and it refreshes not only your powers, but the powers of amulets.
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Re: Amulets and talismans
Post # 4
And better use regular stuff for magical purpose, and magical merchandises simply for showing off) you can use simply souvenir amulets. Like childish plastic skulls on the rope or a plastic tooth on a rope. It shall just remind you of something good or mysterious.
Also you can use bones to make damning amulets. But don't carry them with yourself. The bone itself smells with death and it may make you sick without any damn)
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