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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Newbie need help

Newbie need help
Post # 1
Hello im new to this all. I need help ive lost the mother of my child back 2011 she is in another relationship and i dont se her or my daughter happy. I want my family back i just dont know where to start. Is it too late to reunite and get married? Theres more to this if you serious of helping me please contact me. Im really desperate . Ive lost my job my home i dont know what todo and its very pricey to have someone todo. And I've heard of lots of scammers cant even afford to get scam
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Re: Newbie need help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If she is in another relationship, then she chooses not to be with you. No magic will change her free will like that.

If you have custody of your child, then your top priority is to have employment and a place to live as soon as you possibly can.

That would also bring into question why she does not want to have at least shared custody.

If she has custody, you at least don't have a child immediately under your roof to care for, but you still need to focus on finding a job and a place to live. If you are homeless, no court will allow you visitation rights.
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Re: Newbie need help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Youre starting at the beginning of things so start with the basics. Check the sticked posts and articles.

Im really sorry youre going through all this. It sounds pretty bad and I feel terrible for you. Your life is changing and going to change. Try to see that perspective of it. That things are changing but that youre going to come out of it ok.

Can magick help you? Yes, 100 percent. But this is your journey to make and to learn. Learning meditation, grounding and centering will be good start on a number of levels for you.

You are absolutely correct that you ought not pay anyone for spells. There are a lot of people who are looking for someone like dire straits and think nothing about stealing your last dime.

Keep working on yourself. Try (as hard as it is) to embrace change. Take care of yourself physically as best you can.

Positive vibes your way!!

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