New to magic...sort of.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> New to magic...sort of.

New to magic...sort of.
Post # 1
So, I am kind of looking for some good book recommendations or something. I am newish to magic. I'll explain why I say that. So, I grew up in a VERY Christian household. However, since I was little, I remember telling my mom that stuff would happen because I had a feeling about it. Sometimes, I would have dreams and they would feel so real, just like I was there. And then a day or two later, these things would happen. And of course, since they were Christian, they tried to "get the devil out" of me, and I ended up suppressing a lot. I also dream nearly every night (I still do), that I can heal with my hands and thoughts, manipulate fire, and levitate, and some telekinesis. I have tried some telekinesis in my waking life, with some results. And the psychic dreams happen sometimes, but I can feel a block. Like deep down I feel like it's evil or something. Oh, and when I was 10 or so, I remember having a distinct dream about a tragedy happening to this little girl that was trying to fly around the world solo. I remember the clothes she was wearing, the smell of the airplane, her and the man next to her screaming, the pressure in the cabin (I had never been on a plane before). And then the next day when I woke up, I learned that she had crashed early that morning. Before I had awakened. I told my mom and of course, that didn't go well. I also "made up" my own secret alphabet so my mom and siblings couldn't read it. And I found out this week that the symbols that I wrote were the magical alphabet and some runes. And I had never been exposed to that stuff. There at also other things, but this is really long. I just want to figure out how to unlock my potential and I want to learn as much as I can about magic. It feels like home to me.... thanks in advance!
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Re: New to magic...sort of.
Post # 2

FIrst off, I'm very sorry your parents suppressed a lot of your beliefs.Second, while manipulating fire (or any element really), levitating, and telekinesis aren't exactly possible in the physical plane, it could be your mind's way of telling you that magick is a suitable path for you. I

I strongly urge you to read these articles and forums to perhaps get you started on learning magick:

While I don't personally have an book recommendations, the last link does.

I wish you luck on your journey.

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Re: New to magic...sort of.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
sorry to hear about your family suppressing your gifts. people fear what they don;t understand. i can't help too much with the lucid and prophetic dreams, like you, it always came naturally to me so i never looked into it much [outside of dream interpretation and psychoanalysis for fun] though you might consider balancing your chakras so the energy flows evenly and doesn't pool. this can help you gain some control of your psychic abilities [don't focus on just the third eye chakra, start from the root and work up. focusing on just one chakra can cause too much energy to pool there. an overactive third eye can cause migraines] there's also teas, crystals, and herbs which can help with your psychic abilities, but i feel they're already pretty strong, so i would focus more on grounding so you don't float away [i'm joking, you wouldn't physically float away, but you don't want to run before you walk, you know?]

you might consider a dream diary to keep track of things, interpret symbols if needed, and perhaps look into divination techniques to find one that speaks to you as an outlet of sorts for your skills [you might like runes since you seem already familiar with it] you might also get a kick out of past life regression. i would also work on mediation to find a center, but also to calm/focus the mind. good luck to you.
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Re: New to magic...sort of.
Post # 4
Thank you! I will look at those!
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Re: New to magic...sort of.
Post # 5
Thank you!!
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