Clearing some confusion..

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Clearing some confusion..

Clearing some confusion..
Post # 1
My eldest daughter had some jewellery with some protective wards placed upon them (that is what she was told). When I held one of them the shock and pain the travelled through my body was unbelievable. She was told that he did some "extra work with testosterone " to make it stronger. Has anyone heard of or seen this before? I have since cleansed the jewellery and now don't even get a tingle from them. Any suggestions as to what he did to them?
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Re: Clearing some confusion..
Post # 2
i have never heard of the literal act of 'using testosterone' before in relation to working magic. it might have been an indirect way of saying that he gathered and focused a lot of masculine/male, aggressive energy though.

The nearest I could think of for this being done as a form of protection would be a ward or talisman designed to attack the attacker. Kind of like a spiritual landmine, or like a tank's reactive armor. When an RPG hits a tank it penetrates the armor by using a shaped bomb to melt and jet out liquid metal at very high temperature and speed. When a tank's armor is hit, the armor panel also explodes, creating an outward push of explosive force to counter the incoming explosion.

It can be difficult to say for sure though without knowing what was precisely done to the item. Especially because it is difficult to tell if it was said jokingly, as an innuendo, or as a cryptic reference, or in some way more literal. It could be something as simple as alluding to adding a bunch of power to the spell. Juicing it up like a suped-up car engine. (Like Tim Allen says, "More power! *grunt grunt grunt*")
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Re: Clearing some confusion..
Post # 3
With all that understood and taken in to account I am not sure that the intent of this caster was at all good.

When asked about it he avoids answering or ignores the question completely. Also finding it odd that he HAS to put the necklaces on for her. Usually a "turn around and close your eyes" type of gifting. In most cases I would find it sweet, this just doesn't ring right or true with me.

Perhaps I am just a paranoid mom.
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Re: Clearing some confusion..
Post # 4
Well, Instincts are important. One should never discount them. if you are getting a bad vibe from the situation, and it feels like there is something duplicitous going on, then you should examine it. When instincts kick in, it is a big red light flashing up in your mind saying "hang on and pay attention." And it means it is a time where you want to consciously exercise your awareness and work to understand the source of the warning as specifically as you can.

In the end it is indeed sounding like you took good action by stripping the energy off of the jewelry.
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Re: Clearing some confusion..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

If your instincts are telling you there is something wrong with this particular piece of jewelry then personally I would remove it and then bury it in the earth to get rid of any negative energies attached to it.

This person sounds like they really haven't a clue as to how magic works. Nevertheless, there is something creepy about them saying that they must be the one to put the jewelray on your daughter. Personally I would not have anything further to do with this individual and I would keep my daughter away from them.

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