portal or dimensions

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portal or dimensions
Post # 1
Hello! I hope all of you are having a nice day or night. I remembered something recently when I was talking to my friends. I remembered when I was younger I went to a water park with my mother and brother. Note: it was a water park and an amusement park together. We were at the water park section and I was playing with my brother and we were on the slides. My mom was watching us from a lawnchair the water park provided. I remember I got on a slide where my brother could not go because he was younger than me and Wasn't tall enough. I also remembered it was on the other side of the park and not many people were there. Please keep in mind it was summer and the sun was fully risen and was shining. It was around mid day so, remember that detail for later on. The "life guard" that was there was just standing and he had shades on. He turned away all the other kids even ones who were the same age and height as me. Though I only saw a few kids, I thought it was strange. I just thought he was a jerk so, didn't think much of it. When I got there I asked (since you had to climb up the stairs.) if I could go through the slide. He said nothing and kept looking forward. He stepped away slightly. I think I just got the hint and I went through. Though, most of the story is sorta blurry I slightly remember some details. After this I thought the ride was unusually long. Even though from outside the slide did not appear long at all. I felt I was in there for quite sometime and thought about going back. But, I couldn't for some reason. For the water wasn't really getting pumped that hard into this slide like the other slides. I was slightly dry. Even though I have been playing in a water park all day. I kept going until I saw light from the other end. Once I plopped out, I noticed that the sun was setting and it was slightly chili. Like autumn. I looked around and saw all of the lawn chairs looking old and all the people that were there were gone. I kept looking around and found that the colorful water slides were quite yellow and looked very worn and old. I tried looking for my brother but, could not find him. I looked for my mom and she was no where to be found. I walked all over the water park looking for them but could not find them. I thought it had gotten late and maybe they were at the locker rooms or somewhere in the park. The park was empty exempt some strange people that would walk by very quickly and it seemed like they did not notice me. But, some did look at me strangely. All of the park was run down and just so old. It looked like everything could fall apart if the wind blew too hard. I got scared and walked back to the water park. I looked back up where the life guard was standing and I think he was there? I'm not sure but, I thought I heard something say walk in a certain direction and back or walk here or something. Before I knew it I was back to the screaming kids and the colorful water park. My brother was in another pool And my mother was right at the front of water park. I always called it the twilight zone or something. I never wanted to go back it was too scary. I think I saw that life guard around the park while leaving but, I remember being very sick. As my mom bought food but, I threw it up and had a huge headache. I could only drink very cold water. I dont know what happened. I don't think I was dehydrated because I finished off a whole water bottle and ate a lollipop. So I was not sick before. I don't know how to explain this. It was just strange. I hope someone can help explain this. Did I go somewhere? Like another dimension? Or to the future or past? Who knows. Im sorry this story was so long and sorry for taking up so much of your time. Have a nice day/night. ~unicorn101
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Re: portal or dimensions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
We can only hypothesise as of what exactly happened, if we assume that it is true.

I doubt that your physical body went somewhere, through some portal in another dimension in the future and in the past. Most probably what happened is that your astral body left, your physical body and went to the astral plane or some other subtle type of dimension. This could have happen due to the sudden changes one experiences going down the slides and experiencing this shift of altitude and gravity. Sometimes these sudden changes promote the separation between one of the subtle bodies and the physical one. The time in these levels does not run in same way as the physical time in this level. Sometimes, hours there can be second for your physical body.

You probably would say, that the body you had felt as your physical one, so you assumed it to be the physical one. I have had this happened to me before. Where I woke up in a dream, and I really thought that I am in my physical body and I am experiencing the physical world. Because the body looked solid and it felt as usually my physical body would. Then, something really odd would happen that would make me reconsider this theory. Also, if we assume that was real place the very fact that the people there did not notice you, is another indication that that you were not in your physical body. People usually, do not see astral bodies or some of the other subtle bodies, but you do see them and experience them. Then, you probably get too freaked out and that prompted the subtle body to return. They tend to return in matter of seconds or as you mentioned it "before you know it". For your physical body, probably few minutes passed. However, sudden changes of altitude and gravity that your physical body on the slides plus the sudden return of your astral body would make you physically sick and weak.

Of course, this is just one plausible theory.
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Re: portal or dimensions
Post # 3
Thank you for taking the time to reply! I think it is a very plausible theory. I do remember when I was little having a lot of out of body experiences. But, I do wonder, who or what was that life guard? He was so strange. Also the slide in general was strange. Also, why weren't the other children allowed? But, thank you for giving me an idea of what it could have been. I really appreciate it.
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