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Magick Wand general info
Post # 1
I picked up a piece of driftwood a while back and I've decided to make it into a wand. I've got some stones picked out and even a double-ended quartz crystal for the end. As much as I want to make this, I cant find ANYWHERE how to use a wand properly or what it's uses are. All I can find are what a wand is, how to make one, and different types of wood. I'm not sure what KINDS of runes I want on there either or.. Really anything.

Materials using to make wand:
-Driftwood (Dont know what kind of wood)
-Smokey quartz crystal (Double-ended)
-Rainbow moonstone
-Cat's eye
-Crow feathers (Dont know where to buy these)
-Leather straps (Dont know where to buy these)
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Re: Magick Wand general info
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

A wand is a tool used during ritual work and spell work. Think of it as an extension of the self, as well as an amplification tool that is very personal to you.

That being said, personalize it with symbols that you identify with, that connect with your spirituality, that connect with your diety or dieties, and connect you with your higher powers/self etc.

How I use my wand is it has a place on my altar and in my circle during all spell work. I will use it when I need to call upon my dieties, drawing energy from the universe (and myself) into my wand and directing it back out to where it needs to be. It is a tool, an extension of my casting hand if you will, that I direct energy with.

Nobody can tell you how or when to use your personal tools, but my advice is to follow your intuition and allow for it to aid in your spell work. Trust in yourself.

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Re: Magick Wand general info
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Your materials list is completely up to you.

Some people will use a plain stick (or other item; some use metal wands, or anything of the general shape, really), and some choose to decorate theirs.

As far as the list you've posted, if these are things you wish to include, I would suggest taking care with some sources -- specifically the feathers. I don't know Canada's laws, but here in the US a lot of wild birds' feathers are illegal to even possess, regardless of how they are obtained. The purpose is that there are some (yes, very few) people who are willing to kill protected species just to obtain pretty feathers. I do not know whether Federal law here forbids crow feathers, especially considering there is a hunting season for crows in some areas. But chicken and turkey feathers are readily available in many craft shops, and they can be painted or dyed. I believe any poultry feather should be usable, but again be mindful of your local laws.

As for the leather, a lot of craft stores should have craft leather. I'm not sure if there is availability in Canada, but here in the US there is a business called Tandy Leather. They ship, and have reasonable prices. Maybe check them out.
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Re: Magick Wand general info
Post # 4
In Canada crow feathers are fine to posses. So no worries there. And there are a few city's that have tandy leather as well. Mostly the major centers like Calgary and Winnipeg.

As for how to make one, the assembly is pretty simple. You just assemble the things that are significant to you (seems like that's already done ^_^) and then put them together however looks or feels right to you. If you aren't sure how you think the pieces will come together, I recommend laying the driftwood on some sort of a backing like a white or blue sheet (something with a bit of contrast) and then lay the other bits around it and play with the positions until you see something you like. Once you have something that you connect with slap it together using the wire, some leather if you have it, red blue or white thread, and it's all good to go.

Once it is put together, some people like to do a blessing or awakening rite. basically a formalized and magical ritual that you use to declare the item as your wand and to be used in your magic. For my wand I took it with me to a full-moon circle with a group of people I met through the local metaphysical shop, and just let it soak up the energies as we worked some energy, sounded drums, and shared insights and ideas. For my girlfriend's athame, we were out at a lake in the whiteshell when a brilliant and energetic lightning storm hit, so we put it out into the weather on a surface vein of natural quartz and let it soak up that energy for the night. (naturally we cleaned and oiled the blade after. to prevent rust) You could simply lay the wand across a couple crystal clusters on your alter in the sun for a few days, or you could place it within a circle and dedicate the wand to magic and/or the deities you follow. or you could meditate with it and run your energy through it in a continuous loop. Do what you are familiar with, and what signifies to you that the wand is now your tool, and an extension of your will and focus.

As far as actually using the wand within a magical setting, think of it as a projector of your intent and energy. Whenever sending out energy or intent, imagine it flowing like light and warmth from your hand, into the wand, and outward through it like a focused laser beam towards your goal. This can be to channel energy into your circle to empower it, to send out a calling for protection and assistance while calling your corners. Also to send healing to a specific person or place, or to project a wall or shield of protective energy around yourself. To send a thought of inspiration. Basically, you can use it any time that you want to send energy from yourself to somewhere, someone, or something that is not yourself.
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