South African Festivals

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South African Festivals
Post # 1

South African Festivals

Hi Everyone!!

This may seem odd; but when I started out, and started practising, all I wanted was to find some like-minded people and practitioners. Finding same online was no issue, I mean here we are, reading/writing. The thing is I was happy and contempt with mere 'online' relations for long. I was happy just chatting and debating and exploring. But my love for the practice and for the various traditions and religions just kept growing. I was no longer 'okay' with just online like-minded or rather 'spirited' people, I wanted to be surrounded by them in my daily life.

I know in a lot of countries like America or England or wherever that may be qite easy, but in a country like South Africa, finding a 'real' Pagan is few and far between. Trust me I have searched, and since you are on this forum, I think you may know exactly what I am talking about. People don't advertise their covens and activities. You simply don't know these things unless you have a buddy that knows a guy that heard it from this "crazy" girl.

What I offer is not a service per se and it most certainly is NOT some freaky stuff in some random 'shady' place. In South Africa, particularly in the Johannesburg area , there is a group of people who hold 3 yearly Pagan and free-spirited festivals. They are associated with Samhain, Yule and Ostara. These festivals are completely open to the public, and even children and pets are allowed.

There is no rituals performed, it is simply a massive gathering of what I like to call "Wiccans, Pagans and Hippies". There are great activities like archery, medieval sword fighting, fire-dancers, best dress competitions; and in the evening for the truly religious or adventurous a massive drum-circle. There are hundreds of stalls filled with crystals, religious accessories and religious robes. There is live music, food and beer.

If you would like to come through, meet some Amazing like-minded and -spirited people; feel the vibe of a mass of us, and just have a great time; send me a mail , and I will give you all the details.

A few words of caution: This is not for people who pretend to be something they aren't! You may be of whatever religion, or practice anything, I mean my friends of Christian and some Cathlic and they come. But this is NOT fantasy island!!

Disclaimer: I am not associated nor representative of the organizers of the festivals whatsoever. I will not be held liable for any damage or harm to you or any other person which may result from these festivals or in the pursuit of attending.

I simply wish to extend a hand of friendship and understanding to those who have a candle lit for The Divine in their hearts.

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Re: South African Festivals
Post # 2
I would just like to bump this up, and let everyone know there is an event on the 30th of September, so mail me!!
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Re: South African Festivals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Witchvox has two events listed, on in Capetown and one in Johannesburg that might be useful. You can find them at

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Re: South African Festivals
Post # 4
Thank you graciously for adding those. Though not at all what I was referring to, but in light of the above, it may just be easier to post the sites of the festivals here as they pop up. Please note that on the 30th of September, in Germiston, we will be celebrating Pagan Heritage Day, details can be found at
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