What Creature is this??!?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> What Creature is this??!?

What Creature is this??!?
Post # 1
This creature/animal showed itself to me through my sleep. Well the animal last night had a strange way of showing itself to me. I was on a farm and there was this cage and apparently I was supposed to have chickens go into the cage, so once I got that information the chickens turned into goats and started to go into the cage. And once of the goats fell through a hole that was in the cage an went into a hole that was underground. I didn't hear the goat anymore or could see where the hole led to. So I dismissed it. Then I was about to leave the whole field when the farmers wife asked me where the goat was. Then I heard the cry's of the goat so I panicked because if the goat was still in the hole in the ground then it could be sufficating, so I just knew I needed to save it in my heart. And then the whole whole dry field started to turn into mud and rain started to pour down on me, I raced to the hole where the goat feel into and reached my hands in there while the goat could have been either sufficated or drowned from the rain and mud going into the hole. I grabbed the goat by the back hooves and pulled him out with all my strength and when I heard the goat not make any sounds is when I pulled just right and instead of a goat coming out of the hole a Very bright lizard that was yellow with red and black on it that had a hood around it's neck that was black which made me realize it was poisonous, but I just sat there while the Creature just stared back at me.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 2
Hmm, it is tricky to say with any certainty. It could be a lot of different things really. There are a few diffrent breeds of living lizards that have similar features. Though none that i found matched what you described exactly. A gila monster is close, but doesn't have a hood. Salamanders are similarly colored, but are small and smooth, and not poisonous. Maybe some sort of gecko as well.

It could also be a more mythical connection or image, but that is of course hugely subjective because it was from within a dream and can be constructed from a mishmash of images or even ideas and predispositions. A basilisk comes to mind, or some sort of salamander (the fire lizard), or some variation of a dragon or draconic entity.

if the dream is sticking with you, maybe explore it some more. Draw the lizard out if you feel you can. Did you get any sense of deeper meaning than how it was an odd dream? Was there some sort of connection or emotion you felt? Did you feel like it had some sort of an association with a personal symbol, or an element, or trait? Did the lizard-creature seem old or young? Was there an impression of intelligence or personality behind the eyes while it was staring at you?

it may be that it was just a lizard, built out of your knowledge and mental picture of what represents lizards. or it might be something else your mind tried to assemble to represent a different being. So ultimately because your mind made it either way, it is between you and your instincts for the most part.

It might help to look up the symbolism of Lizards, their meanings in magic imagery and practice, and in shamanistic knowledge and representation (Such as a totem). It might provide some insight.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 3
Thank you, it did seem to have a sense of intelligence, and I did call it a Salamander in my dream but, salamanders don't usually look like what I saw exactly. And it was more instincts when I wanted to save whatever it was. I was scared of it, but I for some reason felt like it didn't have any intentions to harm me.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I think some representations of this could be purely psychological.

Goats are easier to heard than chickens. I don't know if you have any experience or what kind of knowledge you may have of either animal, but this may well have contributed to the transformation in the dream.

After the goat fell in, your subconscious believed it was gone, but your short term memory and subconscious took note of its absence. Cue the farmers whose sudden inclusion into the dream was to bring attention to where the goat went.

This inspired your mind to explore the possibilities of the hole. You remembered the goat should not have simply vanished, thus you heard its bleating.

The expression of panic and uncertainty could easily be expressed in the field's transformation into mud. You've lost control of the situation. Things are difficult. You are desperate to find the goat, obviously just fallen into some hole in the ground, in which who knows what exists.

Your hippocampus is going wild. It is accessing memories. What sorts of creatures live under ground? What are predatory animals that live under ground? What could kill a goat? What does it conjure, but a lizard. And why not poisonous? That makes it all the more sinister, and a sensible reason for the goat to have been in greater distress.

Then again, it could be more. That is not for me to decide.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 5
what did you feel [ describe your emotions] when you saw the lizard? The things you saw somehow you subconsciously know what it means. Think about the emotions you felt and every move made by the creature. Could you feel it? Did you feel there is something...try to figure it out. Remember only YOU can decipher it!
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 6
Hmm.. Thats hard to say exactly what Creature/Animal it was. It could literally be anything, or even just something your mind created itself. Now that you talk about it though, i once remember dreaming of a black and red lizard a few years ago, and i didnt know what the heck it was! It sort of looked like a Gecko to me. I can do some research and see if i can find anything to help you.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 7
If a Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm?s when the situation calls for it.

Additional Associations with Lizard?

Detachment from ego
Power to regenerate that which is lost
Facing fear
Controlling Dreams
Moving in the other world
Going with the flow
Dream time

Maybe this might help a little?
I did some researching and a lizard called a "Red Head" showed up. Maybe have a look at a picture of it?
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 8
I think it is a kind of transformable animals.
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Re: What Creature is this??!?
Post # 9
I agree that it sounds more Psychological. Animal totems show up in dreams but when awake they show up in text, pictures, or even nature it self.
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