Leaving an offering

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Leaving an offering
Post # 1
I read that Hekate likes her offerings at crossroads. Does it have to be left there? Or can I leave it where I do the spell?
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Re: Leaving an offering
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Leaving an offering
Post # 3
it seems you would perform the rite and honoring at your altar, in a consecrated bowl or dish dedicated for the use of making offerings. Then, then the rite has been completed, you would bury the items to be sacrificed, or leave them at a crossroads. I found a really good article on the topic, here is the relevant excerpt;
...You can use any kind of bowl as libation bowl. Bless it for Hekate and put it on her shrine or altar.

When you give her offerings put these into the bowl during the rite.

First clean yourself and the area with the techniques of your tradition, light the candles, connect yourself with Hekate (through the methods you are common with), when you feel her presence and energy, light the incense and say with your own words that you light this incense for her as offering. Than bless the other offerings. Imagine that they glow in a golden light. Than say to her with your own words that you offer these offerings to her. And lay the offerings into the offering bowl or if you give libations (drink offerings) pour them into the bowl. If you give her ouranic-offerings you can ask her to accept it and bless it. Than give her the first part of the offering- eat something yourself and give her the last part, too.

If you give her chtonic-offerings- don?t eat or drink from these, Give these completely to her (for example on the Deipnon).

Let the offerings stay for some time on the shrine/altar and than bury them outside, burn them or leave them on a crossroad (if it is not harmful for animals to eat it).

Practical tips:

Create offering oils (oils that are infused with herbs) for Hekate, offering honey or offering herbal mixtures. Bless them on her shrine. Than you can use this stuff for a longer time to give offerings to her. You can sprinkle during every rite a little bit of the herbal mixtures over her shrine- or into the libation bowl. Give a small amount of honey to the brow of the statue- or into the libation bowl.

If you burn candles for her- you can anoint the candles with the oils or with the honey and sprinkle the herbal mixtures (or powders) into the flames as offerings (be careful with that).

Know which aspects of Hekate you want to address. And honour her with the right offerings. For example if you connect yourself with her darker more fearful sides- give her chtonic offerings that you don?t eat or drink yourself. When you focus on her more benign aspects- give her the ouranic-offerings and have a shared meal with her.

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Re: Leaving an offering
Post # 4
This is great! Thank you
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