Intrusive Thoughts?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Intrusive Thoughts?

Intrusive Thoughts?
Post # 1
Hi all,

So I've been worried about intrusive thoughts and if having repeating intrusive thoughts can cause them to manifest. Oddly, I never used to have intrusive thoughts until in my studies years ago I discovered that thoughts are the same energy as every other thing in the universe and so therefore can be manifested. Then I began to worry about manifesting things I did not want to and so began intrusive thoughts. And the things I have them about are the very things that are most important to me, I think out of worry for them. It causes me a lot of anxiety because I worry by having them over and over I'll accidentally manifest the very things I fear the most. I've tried meditation in the past and it really alleviated the unwanted thoughts. I got involved in a romantic relationship and quit meditating for a long while. Now I've started back up and so far it's not quelling the thoughts..

I'm wondering what everyone else's opinions are on this topic. Do you think a person can inadvertently manifest intrusive negative thoughts? Do you think not, if there's no intention behind them? What about immediately correcting for the thoughts? Like as soon as I have one, I'll say "Cancel, clear." And then replace it with a loving and safe thought. Do you know of anything to heal / completely quit intrusive thoughts?

Thank you for your input!

Brightest blessings
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Re: Intrusive Thoughts?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

"How you respond to the intrusive thoughts speaks more to your character than what the intrusive thoughts are about. The first is conditioning; the second the response and is what matters."

Once intrusive thoughts manifest, there's really no getting rid of them. For most who have it, it's an accompanying symptom to mental illness, even though everyone can experience it. Does it impede your daily life? Do other things impede your daily life? If so, you may want to seek medical help to be sure what's going on.

For me, intrusive thoughts aren't manifested nearly as much because I give no further bearing to the thought when I can catch myself. Giving it attention only feeds it, even if the attention is atively suppressing the thoughts. It's almost more imperitive for people like me to ground and center so I have something physical to give my attention to. As time went on, I learned that the physical aspect of magical practice played an important part in how I went about my flow of things. Things like physically feeling water, paying attention to the physical sensations during altered states, vocalizing for stability as well as reaching out, dancing to help get me in the mode, and the like.

As for the intrusive thoughts - they're going to hit hard and frequently. The more you try to suppress them, the more intense they become. The more you leave them alone without giving attention to something, the more wanton (in the sense of wild play) they can become on their own.

Let the thoughts come. Recognize that they're there, let them pass, and then actively turn your flow of attention to something here and in the now (physical sensations are easiest).

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Re: Intrusive Thoughts?
Post # 3
What Evynne said was very right. It is like that old thought trick of telling someone to not think of an elephant. of course simply by saying that, it triggers the thought and image of an elephant. so a person says "Don't think of an elephant don't think of an elephant don't think of an elephant." But all you are doing is reinforcing the presence of the elephant within your mind because you are actively creating a thought to oppose.

In the same way, telling yourself 'Don't think negative thoughts, Don't think negative thoughts." Only sets you into looking for them actively.

I have found that a much better technique is to replace the avoidance of something negative into the search for something positive. instead of telling yourself what -not- to do, focus on what you should be doing. Instead of telling yourself "Keep away from negative thoughts.", change it up by instead using an affirmation like "Follow the good thoughts."

in a nutshell, you always stride in the direction of your attention'. Or, more simply, 'action follows thought' and 'You get what you are searching for.' Start focusing on looking for good lines of thought instead of worrying about finding or encountering bad ones.

That said, one can still safely observe other thoughts, acknowledge they are there, but try to not place much importance on them. At least not until you are able to look at them as informative and dig past them to where they are coming from and why. You can get a lot of insight about a situation and yourself by digging below the surface and grabbing on to the juicy roots. It does however also take practice and emotional centeredness, so it is an exercise I usually don't recommend leaping into casually.
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Re: Intrusive Thoughts?
Post # 4
Hi Evynne,

Thank you for your detailed response. I treasure every bit of advice and information on this topic.

No, it doesn't really impede my daily life. And honestly the thoughts themselves don't bother me. It is just the worry that I will manifest something negative by repeating them. I am a bit compulsive in some aspects, but mildly so.

It makes sense to me what you said about not focusing on the thoughts or giving attention (energy) to them. That philosophy jives perfectly with meditation practices for quieting the mind. Let the thoughts pass through my mind unchallenged. I will focus on that. I do try to remain calm and not get upset when they occur just so I'm not giving energy to them.

I love the idea of focusing on the present and on tangible, real things in life, when those thoughts occur. I'm going to practice that beginning now. :)

Thank you so much for your valuable advice.
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Re: Intrusive Thoughts?
Post # 5
Hi Spirit75,

Your explanation is very clear and concise. And so true. It completely reminds me of the practice of being mindful and in the present. I never thought to associate it with the negative thoughts.

I know that intrusive thoughts are considered a part of OCD compulsion. But still I wonder if there is an underlying cause for such a phenomenon. I've wondered if it is some sort of nutritional imbalance - like incomplete minerals / healthy foods. Or a side affect of ingesting animal products that are gotten by cruel and horrible practices. I'm vegetarian but I still consume dairy and eggs. So I wonder if that plays a part in this issue as I've read that when we consume animal products that originate from factory farms or slaughter houses, we actually ingest the terror and hopelessness and suffering of the animals.. Which I recently read is based in science and not only just a spiritual belief. Anyways, I won't digress off topic to much with that line of thought!

I've also wondered if intrusive thoughts are in part a side affect of the state of humanity. I've wondered if the collective consciousness of humanity these days focuses and worries about the negativity in the society around us and perpetuates intrusive thoughts across the network of connectedness. That's just something I've wondered, it's not based on anything concrete that I've read.

Anyways, thank you so much for your insight and advice. I'll take it to heart!
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