Turning animals to humans

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Turning animals to humans
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Turning animals to humans
Post # 1
Is there such a spell around? There seem to be plenty of spells for humans to become animals, but none for the other way around.

Can someone aid me?

Re: Turning animals to humans
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
No that's complete fluff and not possible. To be honest after reading a few of your posts I would strongly suggest you do some serious research into what magic can and can't do. There are plenty of informative posts on the basics and limits of magic, perhaps look at some of those.

Re: Turning animals to humans
Post # 3
Can the editors of this site please remove these fantasy role playing spells from the site? No wonder this person has the wrong impression. I'd much rather see serious magic spells instead of all the childish nonsense. Have to wade through it for an hour to find a real spell. Jeez. Maybe the spells submitted could be read through and thrown out if they aren't the real dealings? It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Re: Turning animals to humans
By: / Novice
Post # 4
@ AlacrisS unfortunately no. when i joined this site, i think there was only the Trick section, it was a section created for many non-working and 'controversial' spells [like 'can i control the weather' type of things] the fantasy section is just that. Pet hopes the word 'fantasy' would be enough of a clue that these spells do not work. [sadly it's not. even if we rename it 'section for fake spells' i'm sure we'll still get our fair share of people going 'well i saw this spell so it therefore works. don't tell me i'm wrong!!!'] editors do not have the ability to make big changes like deleting sections form this site, only admin can delete spells [and even then there are rules, like only if it causes harm to the person] sad fact the fantasy section brings in a lot of people and that means ad revenue which means us actual practitioners don't have to pay subscription fees. so, it's a lesser of two evils deal really.

NAnderson no, you cannot become an animal nor can you turn an animal into a human. in the physical whatever you were born as, is what you are [ignoring plastic surgery] no spell will change this fact. real magick follows the law of nature, so ask yourself can an animal wake up one morning and be a human? the answer's no, so a spell won't change this fact. magick is energy, so it effects the energy around us to attract/repel a desired change. it does not defy science and natural law.

Re: Turning animals to humans
Post # 5
The trouble with that is there is not a clear black and white level for which are real and which are not. it is true that for some, the nature of the spell is pretty self-evident but sometimes it is up to a matter of personal perception. One person may not believe in the use of crystals, and determines them fake. Many others do believe in their use. Some believe in Astral projection, others reject it outright.

Still, whenever you encounter a spell or article that is blatantly fluff or unrealistic, there is a 'mark this as spam' button/link at the bottom of the page. Another option is to rate down the post through selecting a one-star response. The star system is there to allow for peer review and help other people see at a glance the general opinion of a spell's relevance/quality.

Re: Turning animals to humans
By: / Novice
Post # 6
true Spirit, i practice Dragon Magick, and Dragon spells are in the fantasy section. if you go there you'll find spells that call on the aid of Draconic energy in a perfectly working spell [wealth, protection] but they can be drowned out by the millions of non-working fluffy bunny spells [become a dragon for example]

there is the belief in otherkin, or the belief in familiars or spirit totems/animals but these things are not physically becoming something else. it's a spiritual level. a simple rule to remember is we live in the physical, so physical changes rarely happen with magick [i say rarely because some spells like a body wash for clear skin would work, but it's over time and requires things like herbs to be used]

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