Sharing is Caring

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Sharing is Caring
Post # 1
Hey, I was wondering how other people experience Astral Projection. And maybe you've got fun stories about it.
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Re: Sharing is Caring
Post # 2
Not my story, but one of my friends is a huge percy jackson fan and once went to camp half-blood on the astral realm. Im not sure if its true or not though.
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Re: Sharing is Caring
Post # 3
I had many experiences,iam not perfected with astral travels.

My past experiences :(The ones i used to have it when i was a kid)

I had a few Astral travel experiences in my sleep.I was awake trapped in a world that had a strange language,there was no speaking with mouth,i tried to speak out,but my voice was unheard and made no sound.So the communication was in the form of thoughts i could say,and i didnt realize about it till the last moment of my nightmare.Where i shouted out for help ,and the voice was unheard by others around me .It was indeed an astral world i believe.I had nightmare,a monster was supernaturally overpowered and was destroying the things to claim , the land, and i was just a commoner like normal people in that world.I later found out that the monster was supposed to be demonic entity after i researched about the monsters.I was hunted down and my limbs were injured,the monster caught me and killed up.At the brink of death,i started to feel that it is not happening in reality,i felt presence of my physical body,like as if it is located in some other dimension.

I died in my dream,at the same time,a river of darkness flowed before my eyes and i woke up shouting and calling out for help.In a few seconds i was able to calm down.I had a little pain in my limbs and in my body like it all happened in real.

My last night Experiences :

I had it last night in my sleep.I came around few guys and girls,they took me to their home,and i was with them,we talked and they called me as their brother.3 boys and 5 girls ,all were the same age as mines.It was really a good time.I felt like being in a family and happy.It was not boring at all,it was a different home,a big one,in a beautiful country.Before anything more could happen i came back to my physical senses,and i woke up .It was all part of my astral travel.
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Re: Sharing is Caring
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Most of my astral experiences have mimicked this physical world. Once I rise out of my body (and it happens involuntarily since I've known myself), I can usually pace around my room, watch my body, go outside through the walls. This is the beautiful part of astral for me, the ability to pass through walls and will myself to visit anywhere on earth and take in the beauty of the planet aerially. I'm still exploring this as opposed to alternative realms for now so my stories aren't that fascinating at this time. Still a work in progress.
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Re: Sharing is Caring
Post # 5
I don't manage to successfully go astral very often, but when I do, it is usually to one of a couple different sorts of places and seems to depend on what I am doing at the time.

When I was first learning about Astral travel and was getting frustrated with my lack of success, I asked my guide for help once. Being a bit of a cheeky one, he agreed in a very solemn tone, the, while laughing with glee it felt like he gripped me by the top of my head and just yanked me out the way a person would pull a carrot from the ground. Once I got over the surprise, he led me around to a few places, starting with a few more terrestrial locations. Always natural in setting and unfamiliar to me. Like the inside of a cave, or top of a mountain. That sort of thing. As I got a little more used to things, he pulled me to a more astral level where he spends his time, and showed me around there for a bit.

Most times when I have gone astral on my own since, it was to go to that other, higher-vibration area to meet with my guide. it is a more energetic sort of place so there isn't much by way of shape or setting. Still, whenever i reach the place it has a comparable feeling to stepping in to a natural place like an old forest. All fresh air and rustling leaves and distant singing birds.

Honestly the further 'away' I have gone from more physical levels, IE; the higher the vibration of the plane, the less and less of a visual impression I get. It becomes a lot more about light and sound and feeling.
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Re: Sharing is Caring
Post # 6
Not really an AP story but its still interesting.
So i was asleep having a dream, where my jeans where to tight and somehow because they where too tight they caused me to fly.
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