Oil for mojo bags

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Oil for mojo bags
Post # 1
I made a mojo bag for wealth and do i need to feed it already? I don't have any oil to use because i dont know what oil to use so i havent made or bought any. Please suggest some easy to find/make oils for money mojo bag, thank you.
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Re: Oil for mojo bags
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Ideally making up an oil blend with diluted essential oils associated with your intent mixed into a base oil like sweet almond oil will do the trick, but this does require the correct essential oils and dilution concentrations.

If you don't have essential oils to dilute into a base, you could always buy in a pre-made oil dilution, you can often find these online and are made to match your intent or you can use incense associated with your itent, which is what I tend to do when I am in a pinch.

Generally speaking though you should have access to the "food" prior to making the mojo bag, so you can use it when and as needed as soon as you create the bag.

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Re: Oil for mojo bags
Post # 3
do you know how to make an oil to feed the bag? Or maybe suggest any other way to feed the mojo bag?
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Re: Oil for mojo bags
Post # 4

Hello JosephGemini, I make my own, I call it, "Special Money-Drawing Oil". Here is my recipe.

Ingredients Needed: Patchouli oil (and you can add in leaves too), 1 Bay leaf, some powdered cinnamon, 5 whole cloves, 1 small glass bottle with cap (I love to use green glass when I can), 1 small piece of pyrite, almond oil, and 1 green candle.

Procedure: Start by lighting a green candle and center yourself and concentrate on your need and intent. You may also light a white candle for a spirit if you wish. Then say your intent while looking into the green candle. Ask for help from your goddess or god or totem etc. When you are in great concentration, write what you need on the bay leaf. Be specific but brief. Then put the bay leaf into the flame of the green candle and let it burn completely. Drop the burning leaf into your fire safe dish. Save these ashes for two things later.

Next, with each ingredient for the bottle, concentrate on your need and intent for the use of this oil. Then, open your bottle and put in 3 drops of patchouli oil, if you want to add patchouli leaves use just one small pinch. Next add 3 pinches of cinnamon, then add the cloves. Next drop in the small piece of pyrite, then add in the smallest pinch (or just a couple of specs) of the ashes from the bay leaf (save the rest of the ashes), and finally, then fill the rest of the bottle with the almond oil. Turn the bottle upside down and back several times to blend the mixture. Next take your new oil blend to you altar with the green candle, light the green candle and look into it. Hold the bottle in front of the green candle and say "I will get the money I need and it will be fair." You can repeat this as many times as you like - making your voice more intense with each incantation. I repeat it several times while rocking back and forth. Then, blow out the candle and close your concentration. The final piece is to go outside and let the remaining ashes blow away in the breeze or wind. As they fly off, say, "Money come to me."

Note that safflower oil and grape seed oil can be used rather than almond oil.

I hope this helps you. Blessings to you.

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