The power of water

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The power of water
Post # 1
I hope the subject will be appropriate for my post. So I was just looking back at some creation myths I have came across. The one thing I noticed is that more than half of these myths include water (in the form of the ocean) and in most cases as the source of all the other created objects or as the first created object. So I wrote this post to hear your views as to why water has been assigned so much power.
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Re: The power of water
Post # 2

After all where there is water, there is life. Around the world water has held an important part in many cultures. In Rome, believe it or not taking a bath was an important part of their culture. In Chinese medicine water is believed to be able to balance the body, and even create harmony for the physical body. Even rivers are deemed to be considered sacred places in many spiritual texts, water is also been a symbol of rebirth, and spiritual cleansing, as we can cleanse our crystals using water for one method. Even today we see water as bringing us clarify and providing a sense of calmness. These are a few examples I can think of, and to answer your question I'd say it probably has something to do with water being one of the things needed to sustain life. If you need me to explain more, I would be more than happy to.

Blessed be, untdkngdm33!

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Re: The power of water
Post # 3
Well now that you have shared your views I appreciate that. No explanations were required. Great response.
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Re: The power of water
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Since the earliest times, humans have resorted to bathing in their different forms as a means of natural treatment of various diseases. In his writings, Hippocrates already mentioned the herb baths for mental, rheumatic problems and also aimed at rejuvenation. Water is an element of nature that symbolizes the versatility of life. It is the only element that can be transmuted into the liquid, gaseous and solid states. Due to the magical power of being pure and purifying, water is considered a remover of energies that cause blockages and also spiritual purification.
In all ceremonies, from baptism to cleansing baths, water, as it contains microcrystals and mineral salts, is capable of causing a change in body electricity and in nourishing the skin. Even after a quick shower, we can see the relaxing and stimulating power that a shower can bring. If bound to medicinal herbs, special oils, and salts, the therapeutic properties are conferred and absorbed by the skin, causing a deep well-being and rest.
The element of Water is related to the emotional body and from its purification results the purity of this body. On the physical plane, it is a great cleaning agent and one of the many factors necessary to counterbalance the conditions of the atmosphere and agricultural production. Its destructive activity is demonstrated in floods, hurricanes, and drownings, in which men and animals perish.

The connections between water and spirituality are not very well understood, in their essence, by man, but they are beginning to become clearer, for there are - and we note this - across all cultures and religions. Various paths and religions use different types of baths (herbal baths, scents, sea salt, etc.), and the churches use holy water, always aiming at spiritual purification. The Hindus purify themselves and bury their dead in the waters of the Ganges River. Many countries have holy wells and sacred springs. Spiritist Centers use water as a means of helping the body-spirit balance.

I hope it helps a bit.
Best Regards
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Re: The power of water
Post # 5
Well it helps me to understand what your views are. So in the 'counter balancing of the conditions of the atmosphere and agricultural production' it is an inseparable coordination with the source of radiation. Because I loved these creation myths. Your views were obviously interesting.
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