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Hello I'm new here
Post # 1
Hello guys i just need your brother has a lot of nerves these days and he bursts to my mom. Shes crying all day because my brother hit the furniture and he is breaking our windows etc. So i'm looking for a spell about calm him or punish him somehow and i can't find nothing can you please help me?
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Re: Hello I'm new here
Post # 2
Merry Meet.

I am unsure if spells to help others calm down will even work, and I know it is not the best or only thing to do. Your family needs professional help more than magick. I am unsure where you are in the world however perhaps a psychologist may be able to point your family in the correct direction, and a social worker may be able to provide some additional support.
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Re: Hello I'm new here
By: / Novice
Post # 3
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Re: Hello I'm new here
Post # 4

Balthazor, this may be simple to solve or it might be hard. First, if this is nothing like your brother's normal behavior, try to see if there is a possibility that he is being possessed. Then, banish the spirit that's possessing him if that is what you discover. That's the simple solution. The hard one is if it's just a condition that is getting worse. Your first order of business would either be to find a mental healing spell or write one specifically for him. If that doesn't work. you'll have to write your own calming spell specifically for your brother. I hope this helps you get an idea of what to do calming wise.

Also, don't punish him. Try to solve this without hurting him in any way. I rather suspect that you'll have to write your own spell to help him no matter what, but don't punish him.

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Re: Hello I'm new here
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Just because someone is having serious mood swings or issues with behavior does not mean they are possessed or there is some type of spirit or entity involved. Let's not jump to such unnecessary conclusions. Not everything is spirit or entity related.

I personally do not think a spell is something you should consider here. I would look into medical means or solutions.
If your brother is having behavioral, anxiety and hostility issues it could be caused by several medical/mental health issues. I'd suggest having your mother take him to see a doctor. He can be placed on medication to help with any serious issue and can go through therapy to help learn about where these emotions stem from, what causes him to have such outbursts, etc.
Now, that is not to say that he has any mental health issue either, just that you need to cover your bases and make sure that if an issue were to exist that it is treated properly.
Also keep in mind that if he is going through puberty, hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause moodiness, outbursts, irritability, etc. Though it can vary from individual to individual.
Either way, I think this is something that a professional needs to look into, not something that should be fixed with a spell.
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Re: Hello I'm new here
Post # 6
If you wish to punish him, do the Seven Things Taken spell
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