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Help Face
Post # 1
Hi, I have severe stubborn cystic acne on my face and chest. There's basically a crater on my chest and my face is always irritated. I have spent countless money on products and remedies and nothing have worked to give me my clear smooth face back. Everyone around me has beautiful skin, while I feel my acne will last forever. If anyone has a solution or a spell to help me please don't be afraid to chat.
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Re: Help Face
Post # 2
You don't need a spell for this.

You have to take care of your body. Wash it with water, don't use soap to often. Use face masks, The ones with charcoal work very well. Know that in puberty your body constantly has to deal with hormone garbage which is this acne. So you have to take care of yourself constantly.

Also Aloe Vera or other cactuses also work very well for your acne, you can buy this in the shop. Or make your own drab, by extracting the fluid within the leaves. Put those on your acne spots and rub in circles.

For extra effect you could chat while doing this.

Using lemons or citrons are also very helpful, it is sour and watery so it won't damage your skin.

You will be beautiful, you only need some time and patience. Good luck
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Re: Help Face
By: / Novice
Post # 3
There is no spell that is going to take care of this as you imagine it.

However, what you could do is begin to your own spell work on you being healthy and happy and more confident.

Learn the basics. Use that knowledge to leverage a spell of your own design, maybe inspired by some spells for health and confidence you can find and work it.

Youll find yourself reading articles about health, making conscious decisions about your health and happiness. The spell will work, but its not like in a movie or something.

expect changes to happen over the course of months and maybe years ...but it will be a positive experience.

Good luck!

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Re: Help Face
Post # 4
Well, you might find magical interventions to be limited. However from a wholistic perspective there may be a few things you can look into if you haven't already.

Understanding where Acne comes from is a good start. There are a lot of misconceptions out there these days, and so picking apart fact from fiction will help give you some direction in where to look.

For example, greasy or sugary foods do not directly cause acne, as many a parent would love for you to believe. While oily skin can cause pores to become clogged up and creates a friendly environment for the bacteria that causes the problem, the oils are produced by your skin itself, not what you eat. ... That is unless you habitually rub your face into pizza or something. (I wouldn't blame you if you did. Pizza is tasty.)

Lately it has been found more and more that troubles with acne mainly has to do with two main factors. Hormones, and over or under-active pores. Thankfully, for most people the situation is self-correcting as time goes on and the real trick lies in doing your best to avoid causing scars.

there are a few essential oils you can use to help. Tee tree oil is a good staple, and also a useful base to add a few drops of other oils. lavender, Sage, Juniper berry, and Jojoba oils are all helpful.

Regular washing of the area helps as well, but the trick is to not overdo it either. Damaging your skin opens opportunities for the acne to form. As does ingrown hair from shaving (or razor rash) and over-drying your skin or killing off the beneficial bacteria that normally belongs. A gentle wash with mild plain soap (no scentings or exfoliants) or a mix of tea tree oil with a touch of lemon and peppermint (they are mild disinfectants) twice a day will help reduce the problem. And as needed if you encounter periods of sweaty exertion.

This might sound silly, but washing your hair regularly also helps- particularly at the forehead. As hair has its own oils that can rub off on your forehead from your bangs.

Speaking of sweat and oil, this might sound oddly counter-productive but doing things that make you sweat, on a semi-regular basis, can also be of some benefit. A sauna or some light exercise to get the blood pumping will stimulate sweating and gives your pores a chance to flush themselves out. The body produces different kinds of perspiration, and when the body is trying to cool itself the sweat produced is in essence salty water, so it helps in washing out the more constant, slow-produced oils from the inside out. The moisture helps to soften blackheads, and helps prevent the making of new ones. Just be sure to give yourself a clean wiping as soon as you are done sweating to take advantage of the clean flush and prevent crud from settling back in. This would be the best time to do a light scrub of the tea tree oil actually.

There are special treatments out there as well, but it takes a referral from a dermatologist usually. My brother was on a medication for about a year that made a huge difference. But it also had some unpleasant side effects while he was taking it, like making his lips dry and easy to crack. So he had to manage that problem while on the medication. Also, it made him develop an odd sun sensitivity as well. While on the medication his skin would turn a purplish when he went outside (Likely his veins dilating) and afterwards, he has found himself to be more sensitive to burning when outside. So in short, if you see a specialist about the issue, don't be afraid to talk to them and ask questions about both short and long term side effects, How long the drug has been in use (if it is less than ten years of prescribed use there might be undocumented or unknown side effects), and that sort of thing.

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Re: Help Face
Post # 5
Have you ever considered that it may be something you are eating, like a food allergy? I struggled with rosacea and all the treatments given were topical and didn't help just like you say, acne redness etc. I researched rosacea and found that the actual cause is in the gut. Came to find out it was a wheat allergy causing all those problems! Putting stuff on your skin and washing a lot will not help this! Look up stuff online about food allergies and how to figure out if you have one. Hope that helps! You're a good looking kid sorry you are having those problems
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Re: Help Face
Post # 6
I had a severe acne problem as well. I went to see a dermatologist and was prescribed three creams before I finally was able to get rid of the acne.
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