Death or revenge spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Death or revenge spell?
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Death or revenge spell?
Post # 1
I am wanting to have a spell cast to harm my father. He is a harmful bully to the rest of my family, and I hate him so much. I don't want to get into the graphic details of his abuse and controlling and neglectful behavior, but I really would like to cast a misfortune spell where he loses everything, such as his retirement savings. However, I would love for my mother, sister, and I to recieve lots of luck and money. I am afraid that if I attempt to cast these spells, they will not work. Can someone else who is more experienced do this for me? Thank you! And I am a brand new member of this website.

Re: Death or revenge spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Death or revenge spell?
Post # 3
If he is so abusive why don't you call the police? Record what he says or does on your phone as proof, have him arrested.

Re: Death or revenge spell?
Post # 4
I would appreciate a death spell for him.

Re: Death or revenge spell?
Post # 5
Instead of taking matters into your own hands - which may not be your place - you would be better off to stay away from him and have no contact. He is creating his own Karma. Don't get in the way of this or it may come onto you. Ever hear the old expression "Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself"? Be mature enough to sidestep his storm of negative behavior and let Karma handle this. Its frustrating to deal with people like this so don't deal with him. No one is going to get involved in casting a death spell on an Ahole for you. Not our place. Sit back an watch and wait. He'll get his on his own. If you're lucky enough, you'll get to see it. If this guy is doing anything you can turn him in for to any authorities, I strongly urge you to turn him in! Use your revenge spell wish this way. But don't get into witchcraft for this reason. This is not the way. Blessed be.

Re: Death or revenge spell?
Post # 6
As a person who had grown up with an abusive mother, I can understand why would want to harm the person. However I strongly recommend not to harm the person back, if you are older enough to move out, then take that opportunity. But if not, tell a trusted friend, work it out between one another and call the cops, never the less you may need proof.
If its physical, than I hate to say it may not be enough. As someone on here has already mention, recorded what he says and does and show it to the cops.
If it's just the one person in the house that he is being harmed, then tell you're mother and your sister.

As for luck spells, I do not have much experience with. But I have been told that money and luck spells work best with green candles and visualisation, make sure to cast a protection spell on yourself, before hand. If you are brand new to magic as well, then I highly recommend for you to do a bit of research before hand.
I wish you well.

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