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Post # 1

I have read many artitcles about this subject. I thought that I would just explain and tell everyone what I have learned over the past and what might help most people.

When I was just starting out as a true beginner, I was told that meditating would help clearn your mind of everythng negative and it would help you relax. This way you can focus on the energy around you and you will be able to unlock your abilities faster. The thing about this, I would not meditate for nothing. My mind would go every which way. It would be thinking about what I am doing later or tomorrow. It will be thinking about what homework I have to do later and blah blah blah. To be honest, I still can't meditate yet cause I still have a busy mind that will not shut down. Therefore, I have some tips for most people to try if they are having the same issue.

One is to go to your happy place. For example: My happy place would be in the forest with a slight breeze going through and gentle slamming on my face and flowing through my hair. No bugs, nothing poisonous, and no worries to be concerned about. Maybe there will be a lake or a stream running through the forest with a couple small waterfalls. All trees are green, unless seasons change of course. With a clean smell in the air.

If you imagine your happy place as something to focus on while meditating, it can sooth your happiness and it can help lead you to relaxation.

Another thing many people try is listening to a specific music type. I can also go along with the 'go to your happy place' theme when you listen to music and see what pops in your head whether you land in the forest, in Egypt, or in the ocean. What ever you see in the music, is where you oughta be. Though, all music types have a different vibrance of mood. Try all and pick your meditating song. It helps for most people, although, I never tried it because I don't think it is for me. Besides, it might allow me to go to sleep.

Another thing you could try is focussing on one particular sound in the enviornent you are in. Pick our every little noise or hum you hear. If it is birds chiping, listen to that closely and try to guess what type of bird it is or what kind of sound it makes whether it screechs or tweets. Same can go if you just listen to a rock band or instrumental. Close your eyes and try to depict every single instrument you hear from drums to guitar. Doing these can help you in identifying every little thing that makes a uttering sound. Or, if you are in your house alone, pick a comfortable position and close your eyes lightly and see if you hear any sound in your house. The air conditioning, the ceiling fan, or whatever. I would normally focus on the ceiling fan and study the sound of the vibrance in its every spin. Just getting lost in the sound can get you to be more focus and aware of your surroundings and that is very important to accomplish.

I know I read somewhere on this site that you can close your eyes and focus on the darkness inside behind your eye lids. This is a great way to do it as well and I give credit to the one that posted this idea. Maybe you can turn that darkness into imagination. Just focus on that darkness and then think of something such as a white room or an ocean and imagine that you are inside the room or on the beach. You might be looking for something or on an adventure to save your friend or to find something before someone else does.

To be honest, there has been multiple times that I have thought of something or made up a story in my mind and ran it through my head and then when I get really into it, I do not see what is around me what I have in my mind. As In, lets say in my story I was on the beach and I was going for a swim. Then a big tide came and knocked me to the middle of the ocean. I will be focussing on that story and the I loose my sight for reality, I do not see what is in front of me because my story seemed so real like it was actually happening. Make sense?

Those are some ways to meditate or to feel relaxed enough to begin spell casting.

There is a couple other things I would like to share with you.

Another way of meditating, is, of course, breathing. You just close your eyes and then you focus on how you breathe and how it feels for when your stomach expands when you inhale and moves back when you exhale. Doing this exercise a couple times can surley helps with relaxing. If you are ever in a fight with a friend, an ex, or your Girl/Boyfriend, just take a moment, close your eyes, and focus on how you are breathing. This will calm you down. Counting to 10 might work for some people but I think if you focus on your breathing and then go to your happy place , you will clam down quickly and you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed.

Another thing I do recommend is, STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE. According to Psychic books I have read in the past, negative people that draw out your energy are called Energy Vampires. They will literally suck your energy way by acting and being so negative and down. They will complain about their life and how life sucks and then there goes your energy along with them. Stay away from them. With no energy, comes with no capability to cast spells or concentrate on your own abilities.

Hopfully I gave you some idea to do if you have trouble meditating like me. Just remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can do the impossible. Cause nothing is impossible. How do you know if you do not try?

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Re: Visualizing/Meditating
Post # 2
Not all vampyres are like that for one, and Vampryism is a magickal practice, one that can be very beneficial.
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Re: Visualizing/Meditating
Post # 3

It's just a term. It is just what they call negative people who bring you down and make you all depressed.

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Re: Visualizing/Meditating
Post # 4
The only power people have over you is what you give them.
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Re: Visualizing/Meditating
Post # 5

That is true. I will give you that one. People will take what you give them and then they will use it against you.

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Re: Visualizing/Meditating
Post # 6
Exactly. Guard yourself well. ^_^
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