Beauty spells

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Beauty spells
Post # 1
Hello friends,

I am planning for a beauty spell and would like to know if anyone has had experience with beauty spells? One of the spells on here I am interested in which calls for vervain however I will have to use rosemary for a sub.
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Re: Beauty spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

I have not done a beauty spell, though I am able to tell something about them. I would like to point out that beauty spells will not change your full appearance, but may help you look more beautiful towards yourself, or look different from a distance. Those ingredients are very interesting, I use rosemary quite often when casting spells. I wish you luck!

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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 3

Hi sweetfemme, I have used an herb bath to increase beauty that I liked. I do this during the waxing moon when it is near full (like it is now in our part of the world). I use a cotton cloth bag 3 x 4 but cheesecloth can be used to make a bag too. In the bag I use rose petals, a piece of rose quartz, rosemary, and lavender. Use a string to tie the bag.

I next kneel by the tub while it is filling and concentrate on Aphrodite. I invoke her and ask her help in making me appear more beautiful. Then I visualize the sensuality of the items in the bag coming into my body from my toes up to my head. I chant 3 times Roses lovely and lavender too, lend me your beauty through and through. I will chant this 3 or 5 times... or more.

Then I get in the bath and put the bag into the bathwater with me. I also add sea salt to the bath (about a palm full). As I lay back, I visualize the sensual herbs coming from the water and soaking into my skin. I feel this going into my body, one body part at a time. Then I use a chant: Aphrodite lend me your way, make me more beautiful today. Goddess Great give me your power, make me as lovely as these sweet flowers. I typically chant this 3 or 5 times too while swirling the bag in the bathwater.

Then I get out of the bath. I try to air-dry if I can. I place the sachet bag somewhere to dry, then I carry it around with me through the Full Moon. I hope this helps you.

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