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Nature magic
Post # 1
I plan on planting a tree in my backyard. Is there a way to work magic into the tree growing process seeing how it'll take 10-15 years to grow natrually. I also have questions about nature spirits and of that short. I was wondering if I can plant the tree as of short of shrine for them. I hope by planting a tree in their honor if I'll be able to see them. Lastly is there a way to enchant a tree or have enchanted seeds? I got more questions on that process
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Re: Nature magic
Post # 2
I can't imagine any reason why someone couldn't build a ritual around a tree planting, especially if it is in reverence towards a particular entity. You could do a small rite to sanctify the place you want to plant, and burn some incense or play music, or do a calling for the presence of the deity or beings. Then ask that he/she/it/they observe the planting of the tree as an act in their honor.

afterwards* continue to use the tree as the location for further honorings and offerings. You could also use the tree's location as the place for celebrating the full or new moon, the grove festivals, or otherwise treat it as your magical or altar site. You could also compare the breed of the tree with Druid practices to see how else it might be significant and/or magical.

Have fun with it and do as much or as little as you want. Of course the more you honor it as a magical place, the more friendly to magic it will become for you.
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Re: Nature magic
Post # 3
well. I would either buy a tree, or dig on up from a forest. The latter seems to be your best bet.
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Re: Nature magic
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I have a lovely old Apple Tree in my garden, I like to hang gifts to the Deva of the tree on the branches. I leave milk and honey offerings under it for the fay. It has a mushroom circle that grows around it. I have made wands from it. The tree is magick, all it needs is care, pruning and my love.
Do a little research on the celtic trees and see which one will suit you best. I love Rowan Trees too, the birds spread the seeds around and they don't take a long time to grow. I had five grow in a wheelbarrow for several years until I made wands out of them, and they are still growing in the wheelbarrow.
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