protection spells

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protection spells
Post # 1
I need some advice on spells for protection. I'm not exactly sure how this website works as I'm new and just getting around to posting and trying chat rooms but if there's anyway someone can message me privately I would appreciate it. I don't trust the topic to be discussed in the open as I do not trust many people.
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Re: protection spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Well, considering you don't trust many people, most of the people on here you don't know personally, and you won't know anyone who messages you privately personally, I don't see the issue here, since this is a site about magick and spells, I don't see why you can't ask about it, people here will get and give advice on their needs of magick, spells, etc.

I'm assuming you may be beginning in magick, spells aren't the best place to start. You need to know how,and why magick works. Including mastering the basics.

Here are some helpful links:

The Basics Expanded:
Centering + Grounding:
How to write a spell:
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Re: protection spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
You can always use the site's mail system to interact with people in private. However, as stated above this is an open space where people discuss all things magick.

If you are starting out then absolutely follow the links provided. I just want to add my thoughts and would say that spells aren't the choice method of protection, at least for me. You should look into stones, crystals, herbs and some practices such as in hoodoo with black powder. You can also use symbols, runes and the like which can grant protection.

I'm not saying spells aren't an option, but when you are starting out I would suggest the above. Feel free to ask questions anywhere most of the community would love to help. Hope this helped a bit.
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Re: protection spells
Post # 4

Protection spells as in what? There are more than one type of protective spells. For instance, if you mean an enchanted object, then you should check this link:

This explains how to put protection against almost all magic/curses etc. onto an enchanted object. Or you could simply place protective wards around your house/apartment etc. This is one I made myself that might help in that case:

I hope that this helps, but if these aren't the right spells for you, then there are plenty in the Protection area. But as said by others earlier, learn the basics before you try anything and also make sure you fully believe - otherwise, it will most likely fail. Good luck!

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Re: protection spells
Post # 5
What kind protection do you need?
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