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Post # 1
Autism is thought about as a mental illness, which impacts on social skills, physical skills etc. In my understanding, (and some scientists) all people have DNA strands and RNA In a twisted ladder. The DNA strands are made of segments of proteins that communicate with each other like a chain reaction. When a change occurs in our body, RNA sends messages to DNA which in turn makes the body act.

Besides communicating with one another, DNA strands have electromagnetic energy between and around the strands.
In short DNA strands are talking to all of creation!

I got this information from a book "the children of now"
Sorry if it's plagiarized or anything. I don't know if it is.
People who have autism add,adhd are not diagnosed properly. As this book stated. They are born with new (or not new) improvements in the DNA and RNA relationship.

Re: Autism
Post # 2
it is certainly an interesting concept, especially as these sorts of conditions are tied with DNA and especially in differences or errors from the norm.

However I am not so sure I agree with the statement these conditions are improvements, considering the detrimental effects they have on the people afflicted with them. Even taking into account the new considerations of Autism/Asperger's as being a spectrum of disorder, and the variance between ADD and ADHD.

Considering how the stronger examples of these conditions can and do severely affect the ability of the individual to function and survive on their own, often resulting in disconnects from reality, inability to manage care for the self and others, difficulty in interpersonal communication, emotional management, learning, employment, etc they can offer a lot of challenges to overcome.

Personally I would advise further research into the conditions before forming too strong a connection to the statements of that book. There are authors who write more out of wishful thinking and emotional favor than through reliable knowledge and experience or educated insight. Not to say it is non-valuable, just don't leap into accepting such statements blindly. Even intelligent and prolific writers fall into forming opinions from mis-information (deliberate or just mistaken), or incomplete knowledge.

Re: Autism
Post # 3
My child has asperges add and dyslexia, unfortunately I have to put this down to his mother. The incubator I call her being a heavy drug user. Unfortunately again I didn't know the extent of her problem until it was to late for my child.. I have raised him on my own know since he was a baby.. I don't believe this is an improvement in any relationship between rna and dna. The negative influence on learning, understand and making and keeping friendships is not helping anyone.
FYI he is very intelligent.. And loveable, but I'm his dad haha

Re: Autism
Post # 4
What of the people who become autistic from vaccination shots?

Re: Autism
Post # 5
No one. Becomes. Autistic. From. Vaccinations. That study was done by a biased group of scientists who were paid for their results

Re: Autism
Post # 6
Vaccines do not cause autism

Re: Autism
Post # 7
that is more conjectured theory and myth from people having incomplete information. Considering alone that a very high percentage of the western population partakes of a variety of vaccinations, and yet such a very low percentage of the same group encounter the autism spectrum, it just doesn't really hold water beyond conspiracy theory. If vaccines caused Autism, there would be many, -many-, more of them running around.

Most of the rise in numbers for autism statistics comes from improved diagnosing of the disorder, and applying it to a broader range of symptoms and levels of effect on the individual (hence it being called a spectrum now instead of a singular disorder), and also the improved lifespans of people diagnosed due to improved medical treatment, social awareness, and therapy. The numbers aren't rising so much as we are getting better at identifying those who have the issue.

Re: Autism
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

Mental illness is not an evolutionary step forward. It is classified as a group of symptoms that impede daily life to the point where it is hard or impossible to function properly on our own. It's not magical, either, and I advise not taking serious medical information from published authors who aren't even a part of the medical field.

Also the association of autism with vaccinations is nothing but over-representation of autistic children in early studies of vaccines that has blown into fear mongering. Let me ask anyone this, though; would you rather you child die from preventable illnesses in order to avoid mental illness or would you rather your child be heatlhy all around?

No one knows what causes mental illnesses, but they are typically something that one is born with (though a portion can be manifested, such as situational depression) - it's worth noting that once you are diagnosed with mental illness, it doesn't ever go away. Like not knowing the cause, there is also no known cure. It's not the end of the world, though! Sure, there's a lot of stigma and misunderstanding when it comes to mental illnesses, but we can learn to live with it when we get proper treatment and medication.

Spreading misinformation about mental illness actually is more harmful to everyone involved and no matter how well meaning you are, twisting truth to fit a seemingly more positive outlook is damaging and dismissive. Please don't do it.

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