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Summon something else
Post # 1
Quick question on something very important to me. I had a voice in my head that would constantly talk to me and it was nice. We learned a lot about each other and she described herself as female and with red eyes and chestnut hair and one day I ironically said ''it would be cool if we could meet in real life'' and she went silent. This was two months ago and she hasn't returned and I don't know what to do with myself. I lost my guiding star. I feel like I'm constantly being watched and I'm always being followed. Please someone help me find her.
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Re: Summon something else
Post # 2
I recommend you not to find her. Why?
It's some kind of bad entity who isn't really gone, but feed itself on your energy, which you give by feeling pity about finding her.
This is a real person who made a connection with you and went away for personal reasons. You shouldn't push that person. if she really enjoyed talking with you she will try to come in mind again.

Though you can put yourself on alert. How?
By putting your 6th sense on consciousness. You could try meditating or Astral Projection. And if she's is trying to connect with you, you will notice her in your dreams.

Good luck
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Re: Summon something else
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I suggest do some meditating, write things down on a piece of paper you would like to know and start there, you may ask this female to answer your questions to write down while meditating. Keep in mind just because you heard a voice in your head doesn't mean it was someone else, we all get these thoughts sometimes, soon they will go away. If this was a spirit then it may have moved on, it would be rude to force it to come back to you, especially when it's a spirit.

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Re: Summon something else
Post # 4
Personally I don't think you have much to worry about. Normally, beings who are acting as a guide will only act in a loving/caring way. So when they do something, it is to teach you something, or to create opportunities for you to learn something on your own. There could be several reasons for the sudden disappearance.

One idea that comes to mind is the entity might have a concern you are becoming too dependent on her presence and advice, and so is taking a short break from being around (at least overtly) to help remind you of your own abilities and independence. Or to help prevent the development of an infatuation or fantasy that would get in the way of your ability to learn what you need to.

It could also be completely unrelated to your whimsical idea. it may be that she has her attention elsewhere for a bit, or that she doesn't think you need any help at the moment, Or she could be working to set up some set of circumstances or working to create new opportunities for you to move on to other lessons. or of course she could be stepping back to allow a different guide to make itself known to you for a time, to help you in a different area that she doesn't normally handle.

in the end, try to breathe easy, and focus on letting go of your dependence to her presence. Remember your own strengths, and be patient.

My own guide has similarly disappeared for weeks or months at a time for varying reasons. Nine times of ten it was because there were things I needed to figure out on my own, or because i needed some time to reflect on recent events to assimilate new ideas and information and get back to a level of equilibrium.
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