Astral projection

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Astral projection
Post # 1
How do I Project? I'm not good at visualization. What other tips are there? When I'm outside my body will I be able to walk around my house and interact with stuff there? Like could I knock something over or touch someone?

Are there any risks to this?

How far can I go from my body ( or is that Astral travel)

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Re: Astral projection
Post # 2
There are other ways to project, but apologies I do not know them.
You could interact with things outside your house and such, but It will Take a lot of practice. A lot.
I've only just started to figure out how to move things via astral realm thanks to a friend but it will take too much out of you if your trying it for the first time.

You can go as far as you want anywhere in the astral realm.
I am however just beginning to understand Astral projection even though four years ago it was the first thing I started to learn. So I may not have all the clearest answers or correct ones, I hope this helps a bit, but ask people who are more experienced about this than I am.

Again hope this helps somewhat, and May the Sun be with you.
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Re: Astral projection
Post # 3

You could translate Astral Projection aka AP to ultimate visualization.

What I do is: I sit in my room quietly and safely, I close my eyes and visualize my room. Visualize in as much as possible details. To help you, you could analyze your room first and remember how it looks like. This may take a while and practice. When you have fully visualized you can try to step out of your body and try to look at yourself. Visualize as much as possible details of you sitting there, you seeing yourself. You will now be conscious about the fact that you are out of your body and now the fun begins. You can try to alter things, play and test around.

Everyone has their own "Dimension". Imagine a door, maybe a door you are familiar with. Imagine a name plate on it with your name. Open the door (how you open it can have any effect, though I don't really agree with if you are protected). Step through it and close the door behind you, not doing this will mean that the "portal" to your world is open for other beings to come in which can be very dangerous. This world you are in is your own mind, remember that you are the boss of that. You can do whatever you want in it. Go there when you feel in danger, you can also practice in there.

There are many worlds and planes in the Astral World. Be careful with what or whom you speak in this world, because there are many tricky and misleading entities in there whom want to hurt you and feed from of your energy, which will lead you to disease and eventually to death if you don't do anything about it.

Protection: It depends on what you believe in for what kind of protection to use. You can visualize a white light around you which will held evil entities off you.

To answer your other questions:
You can interact with other people, they often may not be aware of you. Everyone is able of visualization, practice and you might be better at visualizing as you think. You can interact with objects also, but don't expect to move them or whatever like that, but rather expect to get information about it instead.
You can go as far as you want, because there is no length in the Astral World.

Good luck, for more questions you can PM me.
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Re: Astral projection
Post # 4
Lucky you apparently I do it with out thinking about it and it can manifest in the physical world, I broke a former friend's arm with it when I saw them kick a dog. So I have to be careful to not feel things. though it does come in handy when something is falling towards a friend that you don't want to fall on them.
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