Tips on Protection Spells

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Tips on Protection Spells
Post # 1
How do you cast protection spells for like keeping a love one from harm, so..they don't get hurt by beings and entity's or anyone.. that wants to do harm to them.
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Re: Tips on Protection Spells
Post # 2
The most straightforward way is to draw positive energy to yourselves and your environment. There are a multitude of ways to do this though, so it helps to know what kind of energy/meditation/magic-working you are familiar with to tailor a technique, spell, or meditation to what you most connect with. If you can let us know what ways you usually practice it will help.

In the meantime, here are a few basics for a few generic situations.

Traditionally, a line of salt is recognized as being difficult for many entities to cross. In the short term, placing a line of salt along entryways (doors, windows, etc) or drawing a circle in salt will help. If you want to boost the effect, you can get and cut/grind up some sage, cedar, or other smudge and mix it with the salt. A couple drops of Cedar or sage oil will work too.

Placing a small mirror at the entrances/windows to your home also helps as they reflect light inward (sunlight and spiritual), and prevent darkness from being able to enter. If you want to add a specific tone to the effect, you can place a crystal on the mirror as well like Amethyst, rose quartz, raw iron (grounds negativity), calcite, opals of any variety, rhutillated quartz, or tourmaline.

Another option would be raptor or eagle (or other bird-of-prey) feathers, once again placed at entrances, tied with red string.

For more personal protection, wearing any of a variety of crystals next to the skin also would help. The above listed would help. Also blue, black, or green Kyanite. Or you could get a quartz crystal and program it with a shielding spell. If you can get your hands on a Herkimer Diamond they are also very potent protectors. It is another variety of quartz and is fairly inexpensive. Usually you can get a nice one for ten or twenty bucks. Fair warning though, they operate on a similar level to Moldovite so the energy they bring can be intense if you are not used to it. Any black stone will work as well. Onyx, obsidian, snowflake obsidian, apache tears, etc are all good.

As far as things you can actively do, take a moment in your day whenever you can to build positive energy and reinforce a feeling and attitude of being protected and safe. Whenever you have a few seconds, take a full breath in, and imagine it drawing in light and warmth. Hold the breath for three or four seconds and mentally see and feel that positive energy flooding through every bit of your body. Start at your stomach/solar plexus, where you feel the tension of the full breath and spread it out through your whole body. Then imagine it radiating out through your aura as well into a shell of light as you let the breath out. Consciously remind yourself that no malicious being can harm you. perhaps add a personal statement such as "I am protected." or 'I am safe."

On a slight tangent, the word 'I' is the most powerful word you can use- no matter what language you say it in. By definition it is the affirmation of self. When combined with the word for your presence within the moment 'am', it makes for a very, very powerful statement. Affirming yourself with 'I am' as a part of any statement is an expression of certainty in self, awareness of the present moment, and recognizing the immutability of who you are.

The Christian god uses this very phrase and affirmation for his name. Humans are reflections of the divine in that we are soul and energy just as any other being. So it is only fitting we also learn to refer to ourselves in the same light. ^_^
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Re: Tips on Protection Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Along with some of the ideas above, iron protects against spirits, and pine and garlic also have protective qualities, and are common ingredients in protection workings. You could also draw up a protective sigil personalized to you and your loved ones.

My personal favorites are probably black salt and witch bottles. A quick google search should offer you some good recipes. If not, feel free to ask.

And a quick side note if you live in the United States, it is illegal to own feathers from certain birds including eagles unless it is for religious purposes by First Nation peoples.
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