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Hello & Merry Meet!
Post # 1
My Name is Luna; I'm twenty-six-years-young. I started my journey towards magick when I was sixteen--with a ton of existential crisis's and flip-flopping--for about eight years. My lessons have recently (in the last two years) become paramount to my spiritual growth, and I have done everything in my power to obtain a decent amount of knowledge through self-teachings and research (and tons of reading). I have a group of close friends that sometimes study with me, or practices/celebrates with me during certain annual rites (I wouldn't venture to call it a coven--it's only about four of us, including me).

When I first started my journey towards self-enlightenment through magick, I considered myself a Wiccan, although I was never formally trained. I followed a non-specific path of Celtic Mysticism (not quite druidic, no quite heathenism), with a high concentration on divination (which I found, in the early stages, was one of my natural gifts). At the present time, I consider myself an Eclectic Witch. I follow most of the variables of Wicca, but I have some off-shoots (or not so ?wiccan-y? ideologies). I worship both the Celtic and Norse Pantheons (Lords and Ladies, Gods and Goddesses), which I have come to learn are very similar in structure, so it flows beautifully for me. I passively divine, now, when the mood strikes, or it *feels* right. I'm all about doing what *feels* right to me, as I am very Empathic and attuned to most things around me. I would say that I?m also a Water witch: the element was not born to me, as I am a Libra (which we all know is an Air star sign), but--as I said before--water *feels* right to me, and I attune myself to the vibrations of streams, lakes, oceans, you name it, if it's wet, it calls to me.

I would like to learn more about the application of Wicca, or it's derivatives, particularly Sabbats and Esbats (I'm best at learning through the experiences of others, mostly so that I know that what I am *feeling* and doing is on the "right" path during those times of year). I would also like to reach out to people who enjoy divining to learn of their experiences, how they center before reads (I've got a bit of a chaotic spirit, in that regard, and it?s hard to quite my energies). I'm also particularly interested in Astrology/Astronomy and Herbalism & Holistic Healing. Other than that, I think I'm set: mostly in that I have found a certain solace in my lifestyle, and I don't wish to derail myself from spiritual growth.

I hope I get to know some of y'all, and that we may work in tandem, or at least walk the same path!!!

Blessed Be & Brightest Blessings!
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Re: Hello & Merry Meet!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Welcome to the site! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. I hope you find what you seek here on SoM. :)

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Re: Hello & Merry Meet!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Hello and welcome to SoM! I hope you enjoy your time here :)

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Re: Hello & Merry Meet!
Post # 4
Hello there and welcome. Here are some helpful links if you need anything:

Blessed Be.
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