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Hello :)
Post # 1
You can call me Faith.
I have been an eclectic Pagan for over 13 years now and i am always learning new things. I feel like you can never really learn enough!
I am a water elemental. I can read Tarot and talk to the dead.
That's definitely what i should put on every job application ever. ^-^
I started seeing ghosts when i was a young child and i was told by my overly christian (i am not against other religions in any way but they are the cherry picking bible thumping kind) that it was all in my head. Now at almost 28 i still see them! Guess i'm crazy. :p oh well.
I am part of a small close knit coven. I find it strange to adjust to being in due to many many years of solitude in my studies. Its been a great learning experience for me tho!
I am always up for learning something new so if you would ever like to chat don't be scared to message me. I promise i don't bite too hard ;)

Blessed be you in your journey through life.
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Re: Hello :)
Post # 2
Welcome to the Site.

I would like to point out, that suggesting you are a Water Elemental is considered roleplay, which is against the rules of the Site, not to mention impossible.

Also, seeing spirits does not make one crazy, lol.

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Re: Hello :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Hello MonsterMagic,

Firstly, welcome to Spells of Magic, this site was created to gift members the ability to learn and share their experiences and knowledge with other members, throughout the years, it attracted members who really were not interested in learning real magic, so instead of leaving all the fantasy magic stranded and cluttering and hiding any shred of real spells, Petrarca(Site Administrator) created the Fantasy Section and moved all the spells he could into the section.

Now don't be fooled, this site doesn't host any type of role-playing fictional attributes, hince why you were warned on the above comment that Role-Playing isn't allowed, to elaborate and make sense from what the above comment stated, we are not elementals, we carry a couple of elements inside our body, Water and Spirit, but we are not elementals. Claiming to be one is considered role-playing on the site.

Now talking to the dead, is a form of necromancy, the ability to communicate with the dead, seeing ghosts at a young age is very common, this is because the minds eye is very active in a young age, but when you get older and ignore and drift from that connection it becomes harder, some children are able to see spirits even when they get older. Crazy is considering one religion is right above all others, crazy is not accepting others because of choices, you are not crazy, maybe be a little misguided but not crazy.

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Re: Hello :)
Post # 4
I imagine, by elemental, she was taking about what element she felt most attuned with. For instance, when I was working with Azathoth, it would often rain after Id performed a ritual.
Is this more what you mean, monster magic ?
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Re: Hello :)
Post # 5
To clear up the confusion i was just trying to say i feel more in-tune with water over the rest.
I also am not trying to imply that any one religious view is superior to another. I suppose i should work on how to properly express myself.
I apologize for the misunderstandings.
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Re: Hello :)
Post # 6
Greetings & welcome !
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Re: Hello :)
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Welcome to SoM! I hope you enjoy your time here :)

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