going into someones dream

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going into someones dream
Post # 1
im pretty good at going into peoples dreams (only when there mental block is weak or non existing). i can't control when i go into peoples dreams or not and even reminder most of the time but when i do reminder and tell certain people i went into there dreams they flip out. i don't mess with peoples heads i think its very rude i like watching my friends dream like a movie and help them the next day and confirm what they should be doing or help if they have any doubts.

i want to know if there is any spell or anything i can do to strengthen what i already have?? Also my grandma and dad are pretty good at sensing or going into peoples dreams.

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Re: going into someones dream
Post # 2
Well, I would suggest trying to strengthen your magical energy. I also have a bit of information on dream walking, if you want to see that.
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Re: going into someones dream
Post # 3
sure that would be great also how do you strengthen your magical energy???
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Re: going into someones dream
Post # 4
There are a few spells on the site.

"It is good to set your intentions when going to sleep. You can ask your Higher Self for help with a problem or you can consciously choose to go on an adventure, using your powers of visualization and imagination.
If you have friends who are open to spiritual experiences, you could chat with them in advance and invite them along on the adventure. Distance is no object, so you can even arrange this on Chat or by SMS messaging in advance.
When bedtime comes, go to bed in a relaxed and happy way and if you feel any tension in your body, just spend a few minutes releasing that consciously, becoming aware of the different parts of your body.
Breathe into these areas and relax and expand your consciousness. Feel the more subtle aspects of the physical body the organs, the cells and molecules; and become aware of your Energy Body or Aura, which permeates throughout the physical body.
Allow the Electromagnetic Power in your Aura to expand and connect to more aspects of yourself by grounding yourself to the Earth, reaching up with your consciousness and feelings to the planets around the Sun in our solar
system and feeling their influence, like archangels guiding one?s destiny.
As you connect more and more with your Energy Body and the Energy Matrix of the Zero Point Field, which is talked about in Quantum Physics, feel your chakra centres activating and coming alive. Feel the multidimensional
aspects of yourself opening up and connecting you with your spirit family, healing helpers and guides within and beyond the veil. You may feel your power increasing like a magnetic presence or charisma comes around you.
When the energies feel right, remember your intentions at the beginning of the process and who is coming with you. Reach out with your feelings and start a telepathic communication with the friends you would like to take with you. You do this deep in your heart with a faint starring in your feelings; it is more the intention to send the message than anything verbal.
If they are ready too, choose to slip out of your physical body into your Energy Body and choose to focus with your feelings on the images in your imagination. See yourself soaring through time and space. This is a process of transcending your physical body consciously becoming aware if the finer and finer aspects of Self, until you transcend the physical into your light body.
Remember that you do not really travel out of yourself: you just choose to make yourself bigger and move your awareness around inside of yourself, which truly is the whole universe. It is like moving your awareness from your head to your big toe, travel from your head to your toe; you just became aware of a different aspect of yourself. So choose to feel yourself as the Universe in this expanded transcendental awareness and then choose which aspect to be aware of.
It is all about focus of intention and what you choose to create; either alone or with the friends you have chosen to have this experience with you. Connect fully to the senses in your Energy or Light Body. This is like being aware of your senses in Sixth Sense Mode.
Feel your surroundings, the warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair; smell the flowers and the freshly cut grass in the hay meadows. Start a conversation with your friend and hear their voice in your ears. Feel their hand in yours as you walk along together. You are using your powers of visualization, imagination and mixing these with your passion and desire in a very subtle dream state.
Then fully open up your imagination and your Self to the multi-dimensions of experiences you can choose to create in this state of consciousness. Enjoy your Dream Walk. Remember you are only limited by your imagination, in this state of awareness all things are possible. Please focus on the good and life supporting aspects, which will help you and your friends, live a happier more fulfilled life.
When you are finished bring your Light Body/awareness back to the here and now, reconnect with your physical body again and enjoy the rest of your night?s sleep. Thank all your friends who helped with this process and send
them loving thoughts."

Here's a simple spell that might help:
Increase Personal Abilities-
Things needed: Bowl, Candle (any color except for pink), Sheet of paper, Pen or pencil
Take your candle, bowl, sheet of paper, and your pen or pencil. Then write down what element you want such as: water, fire, or air abilities.
Now, you light the candle and burn the paper. You take the ashes of the burnt paper and put them in the bowl. If it?s really windy outside you let the ashes blow away, but if it?s not windy outside you just flush the ashes down the toilet or bury them.

It's always easiest to just start with small spells and just work on strengthening your magic ability, but that does take time.

Just some other information that might be useful:
"Dream walking and astral traveling are very similar. Astral traveling tends to be something you do alone, where dream walking is a more conscious experience where you can choose who goes with you."
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