DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms

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Forums -> Wicca -> DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
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DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 1
What I mean is, What do you Wiccans think of dinosaurs?

DO you even believe they exist? DO their fossils hold any kind of power?

Are dinosaurs still around in your eyes?

Are they actually dragons?

Over all just tell me what you think about Dinosaurs in Wicca

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 2
There is such thing as bone magick, and Dinosaurs would have a lot of power and energy in their bones. But i think your over thinking it in the terms of dragons

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 3
And we Wiccans dont have acess to those types of bones(Unless we find one in our back yard)

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Dinosaurs aren't really a belief system only considered real by some religions. They are a factual collection of species that have gone extinct much like the dodo and passenger pigeon. Although some people do still consider them to be fantasy I think that is less connected to a religion and more to personal opinion.

I suppose much like regular bones they could be used in magickal workings, however they aren't just lying around like animal bones are now. They are rarely found, scientific specimens that are very expensive to buy.

In regard to dinosaurs being "dragons" there are theories that people who first saw dinosaur skulls and bones believed them to be from "dragons" but they aren't actually dragons as dragons are spiritual beings not found on this plane of existence.

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I am not a Wiccan so I suppose I can't speak for those who are but Dinosaurs did roam the Earth at some point. We know this do to fossils. Therefore to claim that thy never existed is preposterous!

Many people believe that in deep waters there are still dinosaurs or at least something that evolved from them. All of this really has to do with science.

Dragons are mythical creatures. Yes there were dinosaurs that could fly, so I suppose if you wanted to call them dragons you could but they aren't really. It's important to note the difference between fact and fiction.

Their fossils probably do hold energy and such but I personally have never met a Wiccan that uses things like bones.

To sum it all up, dinosaurs were definitely real and to find out more about them you really need to do research as they are more scientific than magickal.

Blessed be!

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Dinosaurs have absolutely nothing to do with Wicca.

Yes, most of us believe that dinosaurs existed and that they are no longer on this earth. They went extinct some 65 million years ago. Just because we're Wiccan doesn't mean that we discount scientific evidence.

It is entirely possible that the idea of dragons came about when our distant ancestors found the bones of dinosaurs, and, not knowing what they were, made up stories about them being dragons.

In my personal opinion, a dinosaur bone has no magical power of any sort.

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Just something to remember when talking about fossils: They are not bones. They were once bones but underwent mineral and chemical changes over millions of years.

Basically, the bone minerals become replaced by rock minerals. So fossils are technically rocks, not bone. (This is an oversimplification of the fossilization process).

I have fossils, but I've never used them for magical practices (and they're not dinosaur fossils. Most are fossilized shark teeth and small marine animals). It would be extremely difficult to use dinosaur fossils for magic. Most are kept in a museum, are expensive, and are hard to find.

As for your question if they're still around: Technically, yes. Birds are descendants of dinosaurs. They are more closely related to dinosaurs than reptiles are! So, if you want to see a dino, I suggest looking at predatory birds such as Hawks and Eagles.

In general, dinosaurs don't really have anything to do with Wicca. As Bandjunkie said, they are more scientifical than spiritual/magical.

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 8
Oh Yes I know all about that kind of stuff as Paleontology and paleobiology is my hobby but I just wanted to make sure on what Wiccans views on them would be and their history. I mean I could speak for ancient fossils being the source of Dragons but I meant because my father actually has came in contact with an Asian eastern dragon.

I should have said non Avian dinosaurs, Which Ironicly I could say I mean ancient Saurischia and Ornithischia.

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 9
Actually what you are thinking of are marine reptiles which did live during the Mesozoic era but where not related to the dinosaurs. And Pterosaurus which are the flying reptiles are archosaurs like dinosaurs at least from what we can guess but once again they are not dinosaurs.

But thank you for your opinion!

Re: DINOSAURS in Wiccan terms
Post # 10
What do you mean they have nothing to do with Wicca? If Wiccan belief systems are true than dinosaurs as a family of creatures hae some kind of role. And I don't just mean using their Fossil rock remains as magic I mean as like did they as creatures influence us in any way/family crests/living dinosaurs as mythological animals/ did they use any kind of natural magic they had in their every day lives and such. It's hard to explain what I mean but another question I have is, did magic exist when they were around or do humans just use it?

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