Djins ?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Djins ?

Djins ?
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
I am new here so excuse my lack of knowledge.
I am seeking help and information.
Since I was a kid I felt like I have someone/something with me, like a friend, a protector. It is to note that I am a loner, so I always thought of it as an imaginary friend, or some angels that I created in my mind for amusement.
Now, all grown up, I still feel like there is a presence that is around me, helping me, sometimes guiding me. It's as if I am never alone and there is some energy or force with me.

I come from a Muslim background, so in my poor mind, they call them either Djins, or consort (? I'm not sure about this, in Arabic they call them "Qareen " which is some kind of creature that always follows you and writes your story). Djins and "Qareen"s are two different things, I know, so I am confused and want to know what is that energy or thing that is with me.

Also, I lately met this girl who has multiple Djins as followers, she can control them. I feel like she directed one of them to me. Because I feel restless lately and as if surrounded with negative and bad energy.

If anyone can help me with information, or spells or practices I can do to know or protect myself or anything, everything is welcome.
This can even be all in my head as I am under a lot of stress lately. All so confusing...
Thank you and sorry for the long post.
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Re: Djins ?
Post # 2
Well, if this energy has been around you for a long time, and you have been comfortable with it in your presence, then it is pretty safe to say that whatever energy is with you is benign. It may be a guardian or a guide. or, Like you say it may also be a Djinn or Qarin. It can be difficult for an outside person to know for certain though. Without being able to be there and in the presence of the entity it can be difficult to get an accurate feel or sense of things.

If you are concerned about it, I can suggest two things. First, you should set some personal boundaries or ground rules. I am not very familiar with Muslim practices, but I imagine there are some rites or prayers available that you can use to do this. The goal would be to define a set of rules, stating that only entities that follow those rules will be allowed to remain. Simple rules like;

"No being that intends harm may be within my presence."

"Only the beings who come in light and love may be in this place."

"I invite only those entities who come to teach me and help me reach my potential as a being of light. All others are not welcome."

Second, especially after having laid such ground rules, feel free to ask the entity a few direct questions. Things like "What are you?" or "Why are you here?" It may sound silly, and even over-simplistic, but the results might surprise you. There are different ways you can go about it. Meditation, using a pendulum, automatic writing, or just straight up talking to it out loud if you are comfortable enough to do so. Though you would still want to spend time in silence and stillness to listen.
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Re: Djins ?
Post # 3
First of all, this girl doesn't control Djinns, she's not able to do it. No one is able fo control any type of entity,in stories it js said Djinns can be bound but in reality this is not the case. Djinns are really independent creatures and they love freedom, they wouldn't take it nicely if someone tried to bound and control them without their will.

It can be a Djinn who wants to be near you. Djinns are very friendly and warm as entities so it's preety possible for them to have a possitive reason for being around. I can be a guide of you also.

I don't think any Djinn would hurt you if you gave them no reason, so I don't get why they should be causing you that negativity. Maybe that entity has negativity itself for a reason and you just sense it?

I'd go for communicating with this entity and then finding out more for them...
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Re: Djins ?
Post # 4
1: banishing spell:
2: protection spell:
hope it helped
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Re: Djins ?
Post # 5

Infront of yourself pretend talking with somebody, Call it by a specific name, Do casual talk daily for minimum 15 mins. But during your 15mins, seriouly talk like you're talking with a concious being, Tell it story, tell him jokes. for upto a month then You'll have Created a Powerful Thoughtform! No way this entity is lessor than demons. the more you powerfully imagine to talk to it, that entity becomes much powerful.

This Entity is powerful enough to help you with nearly any tasks!

as per your probelms, Like you feel some jinns etc since you were child, This happens Because childrens makes Imaginary friends, Talks to it like it is real being. Unconciously crafting a ThoughtForm, Some thought forms lasts for some months and some until death.

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Re: Djins ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

I must thank you for the long post, for I love them, haha. What you were feeling may have been known as your guardian angel, it is known to meditate to get better in contact with them you may ask them or the God and Goddess, or spirit guides to protect you Some people hear them by having a voice in their head that isn't theirs, and call it their guardian angel speaking to them. You could do some protection spells, it would help if you communicate with the spirit, asking what it wants from you, some say taking any of these gemstones I am about to list will protect you from harmful spirits

Black Onyx

Black tourmaline is known as the most effective, carrying it around with you throughout the day. Meditating with it helps, imagining a protective bubble around you, there are many methods to meditate. It is suggested you do research on these spiritual creatures to learn more about them and more ways to protect yourself from them.

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Re: Djins ?
Post # 7
What I have read about Djins is not good. It is a long process to summon one and you have to keep up the ritual until you send it back, you get weak and they use that to make you go crazy. I could be wrong, but I don't think it is a Djin. Like I said its a long process that you have to keep up until you send it back.So if your friend claims that she is in control of multiple Djins, then that is a lie. They are considered demons in some cultures and everyone knows you can not control a demon. I also do not think someone can pas them onto another, or else that person will have to start the ritual. So it may not be Djin, but that is based on what culture you come from.
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Re: Djins ?
Post # 8
Thank you everyone for your replies, I found them very helpful.
I will try to find a way using all the information you gave me.
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