Invoking the Norse Gods

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Invoking the Norse Gods

Invoking the Norse Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Have you ever wanted for a spell to have a little more "Umph" in strength, honor, or bravery? Have you ever wished for a deity to bear witness to your latest oath to lose weight? Then invoke the gods of the Northmen may be for you!

Now although you seem to know how to invoke a deity into your practice (if not try and find an article about invocation), the gods of the Norse pantheon may prove some issues for those who have never tried working with them before. Here are a few ground rules I've found.
The Norse were very proud people (I mean, boasting is a very honored tradition during sumbles), and the same can be said for their gods. Most will come to find they like being recognized for their deeds, and can even become distraught or just ignore you if you don't. So next time instead of saying "I call upon Thor to-", say "Red Thor, he who wields Mjolnir,the great thunderer, who wrestled with time, who fishes for the mighty serpent, I call to-". Chances are he'll like the second better.
Be willing to sacrifice or offer something for their time. Now I'm not saying to raise a goat for sacrificial purposes (we're Heathens, not barbarians), but be prepared to give something. It can be an action, an item, or even your fealty (in my opinion not recommended). If you can't think of an action they would appreciate in their name, you usually can't go too wrong with food and drink.
Do not put yourself on a low level. Have respect for your deity, but do not grovel in their presence. They will have more endearment towards a man who respects himself and holds himself proudly. UPG from others can say differently (especially in the cases of the Rokkr, but for now let's stay with just the Aesir and Vanir).
Know what you're getting into. If you don't like "larger than life" beings, don't ask for Thor or Odin. Definitely don't call on the Rokkr unless you are committed to drastic and unexplainable change and chaos. Nuff said there.
With these basic guidelines, which can interpreted however you wish, you should be successful. I don't claim that everything I'm saying is fact, I do say a lot of UPG and opinions, it's up to you to judge how much you'll believe. I hope this was entertaining and informative, thank you for reading.
Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir! Hail the Rokkr!
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Re: Invoking the Norse Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 2

From my experience I agree with you in almost everything you said. However, for persons who had never worked with, and haven't been "called" by them but still want to try and invoke them I would slightly change the invocation, instead of saying "I call to you to" I would go for something like "I ask you to". I know it is a very small difference but I have had friends trying to invoke some of the Norse Gods using the first option and being completely ignored until they changed that little detail. Of course, one should never go too low as you said, or they'll never answer: we don't bent ourknees before our Gods, we walk alongside them.

Another thing that I would add is that asking wishes to the Norse Gods is a completely no no. They help us have the strength to do things for ourselves, but they like people who work to improve their own lives.

And I completely agree with you about the Rokkr and their relation to chaos.

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Re: Invoking the Norse Gods
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I agree with Aika, saying you "call" them is like saying "command" a God/Goddess and they may simply not grant what you command due to that little saying. I usually ask for a God/Goddesses help when doing any magick practice to give it support overall I agree with most of this.

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Re: Invoking the Norse Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I completely understand the sentiment behind using "I ask you..." instead of "I call you..." However, I can see it being used in a more ritualistic situation, like "calling" up another person with a phone rather than doing it in person.
You can call up the gods and they can still choose to pick up the line or not.

I also find that some deities and spirits do appreciate a strength of will which can be communicated through word choice. Many Norse gods for example, prefer being treated respectfully, without being grovelled to.
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Re: Invoking the Norse Gods
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I will add the caveat to know who you are calling and why you are calling them. Read the lore to get an understanding of 'who' it is you are calling.

Odin is a god of war. He is also a god of magic, poetry, and wisdom. Knowing the lore will help you find ways to connect to him as well as give you an idea of how he might respond. Above all, with Odin especially, remember that he is the All-Father and is determined to stave off Ragnarok as long as he can. In the lore we find that he has a tendency to change his willingness to help or hurt someone depending on how that can effect Ragnarok.

As for the Rokkr, from what I understand in lore and from followers, they are not as difficult to work with as many want to claim. However, one should know their lore as well to understand what you might be asking for. Loki is a trickster god. He is known for his ability to bring about change in a 'chaotic' fashion when he feels that is what is required. Some of those who are classes as Rokkr are less inclined to help humans at all, others will help if they benefit in some way.

No god should be taken for granted or seen as only a 'charge' for a spell or working. If you don't know who you are working with, it is best not to call upon them. One can call upon the land spirits or ancestors and gain influence from that. To go straight to the gods can be a waste of energy in some situations. You have to be clear on your intention and what you are doing before you add the influence of the gods to the work.
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