spell to banish demons

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spell to banish demons
Post # 1
I recently found out that not only do I have a demon infestation in my house which has been going on for a few months which I was not aware of until about a week ago, but a friend of mine who is clairvoyant noticed that my physical appearance looks a bit overtired, pale & overall unhealthy. Along with that, he's noticed that I'm constantly sick (mostly to my stomach), that I have very violent mood swings & that in the 6 years that he's known me, I've become a complete stranger because my anxiety & depressive episodes have been the worst they've ever been. He believes that although it's not a strong possession, that I have been possessed by a demon & that it has been feeding off of me since about late February. I never wanted to think I could be possessed but after reading about it, I display an astronomically high number of symptoms of possession. Not that it's evil, but rather it's trying to hurt me psychologically. I'm buying a sage stick tomorrow & smudging my entire house starting with my room where most of them live, I burned two white candles in my room where they mostly are & I made a potion out of dry sand, rocks, shells, wet sand, seaweed, sea grass & sea water. It appears to be absorbing some of the evil spirits because there's a ton of black soot on the sand in the bottle that's been building up since I made it 4 days ago. If anybody knows any spells or rituals to stop a demonic possession, much would be appreciated. I've prayed, I've told the spirits they're not welcome, I've done everything I mentioned above & it still lives within me & a good number of them still live in my house. Please help me
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Re: spell to banish demons
Post # 2
Try with solar banishing ritual. Solar spirits are excellent for getting rid of spirits that linger. If you cannot find out what solar banishing ritual is try looking it up on the internet there is much to find.
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Re: spell to banish demons
Post # 3
All You Need To Overcome This Is Jesus Christ He Will Give Purification To You Freely With No Strings Attached
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Re: spell to banish demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
This is a very difficult thing to go through. I went through something similar a few years back. I had already been depressed for a while, but something always seemed to be dragging me further into it. I would have sleep paralysis while it loomed over me in the night, nightmares, an overall sense of despair and even dread. Lights would turn on in the middle of the night. It even shattered our shower door somehow. Needless to say, it had gotten quite powerful.
One night, when I had a trusted friend over, I felt I was finally ready to face it. I felt more empowered having someone I trusted there with me to keep me grounded as I finally visualized the thing that had been lurking in the shadows for so long. I visualized my own energy overpowering its energy, and forcing it out of my house. I visualized my energy spreading throughout my entire house, cleansing it, stripping its dark energy from where it clung to the walls and objects.
When I was finally finished, the knowledge that I had faced it and won did a lot as far as keeping it from coming back. I haven't felt its presence or had any strange happenings since.
I'm not entirely sure what it was, but I believe it was a manifestation of my own energy because I was so depressed at the time. And I think that a lot of what helped me to overcome it was making a pact with myself to overcome my depression and work through it. It seemed paranormal initially, but I think it was a personal battle as well.
I don't know if you have tried anything like this, but I hope this helped. It might not be just a spirit or demon creating and feeding on your energy. Your energy may be what drew it there in the first place.
Best of luck to you. I hope everything goes well in regaining your space.
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Re: spell to banish demons
Post # 5
For one, it is highly unlikely that you have a demonic infestation in your house. Entities have better things to do with their time, this holds true for demons as well. I recommend seeing a doctor, as you more than likely have a physical ailment that needs to be treated. It is also very unlikely that you are possessed, and in certain traditions and paths, this is not always seen as a bad thing.

@Anthony: Not everyone believes in Jesus, I personally see him as nothing but a tthoughtform.

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