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Awakeslir techniques/advi
Post # 1
Does anyone know a way to awaken ones self spiritualy/magicaly as well as awaken any dormate abilities? Any help is apreciated thanks.I'm trying to awaken myself. I read in a couple of old books that some people awaken randomly and have their abilities unlocked. I'm looking for any rituals, spells, techniques, as well as advice. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Awakeslir techniques/advi
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am not sure what books you have been reading, however I would suggest that you read about magic and start doing some of the things it discusses. Experiment, work, and study to learn more and progress.
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Re: Awakeslir techniques/advi
Post # 3
This can be a tricky subject, because usually when people talk about 'awakening' things. this isn't something like finding a breaker box in your soul and flipping a switch to suddenly turn on a set of spiritual lights. It is a much looser analogy about helping you become aware of what potentials you have.

It is just like how Magic isn't some list of abilities or tricks that individuals just 'can' or 'can't' do. Everyone has the same potentials for the same things. Normally what governs what kinds of practices a person comes into is all about where they place their own focus. So naturally your own attitudes and goals have a huge effect as this is what leads you to what is appealing.

In the end, time and introspection are the best ways to learn about where your interests and talents might lie. That said, there are many guided meditations and spells that allow for a way of looking inward and seeing what is there. They won't activate any powers, but they will help give a sense of direction for what things might attract your interest and be easier for you to learn and make use of.

As an example, early on in my own path, I came across a few guided meditations. One involved envisioning a mirror before yourself, and looking into it. Then letting the image change symbolically into something that reflects yourself walking your ideal and most beneficial path.

Another was to envision walking a long hallway filled with doors, and recognizing it as a symbol for all of your potential avenues of growth. Then mentally picturing that some are shut, some are dark, some light, some open just slightly and needing only a small push to open. Others wide enough to peek inside of. You would then wander that hall and explore the different doorways to see what images could be found through them.

The key though, is to keep the ego in check. for example if you see acts of healing don't assume you are destined to work miracles and be the next healer of the blind. But recognize it as telling you that there is the potential to provide some measure of healing, and then after see if it is an option you want to explore, a skill you want to learn and become more familiar with through things like reiki, energy working, and the like.

Even if the image is something as grand and epic as seeing yourself an armor clad warrior with great shield in hand, fending terrible monsters away from helpless others. While it might an obvious symbol of having a pre-disposition towards protecting others, it would be better to see it as having an intense passion towards keeping others safe, and you can then let it guide you to avenues that would suit that idea.

So while it can help provide an idea of your potentials it does not mean you are restricted to them. Nor are you automatically going to be a master with them. But they may be paths that you will find most enjoyable and compatible with your ideals- ultimately making these things easier for you to practice and learn about.
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