Help Me Understanding.

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Help Me Understanding.
Post # 1
I am having a bit of trouble understanding which magic does exist and doesn't. Ever since I started researching magic, my mind has been a bit changed on how I view things. But this wasn't cut out too clear even after re reading multiple posts. And I was told if it works in reality yes it will, but that doesn't always cut it. I haven't bother casting any spells but a few really basics which one worked and the other didn't but that's besides the point. Just if you have any forum posts/threads, links or just something to help please do. Thank you in advance. :)
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Re: Help Me Understanding.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Here are some links that will help you and get you started:

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Re: Help Me Understanding.
Post # 3
Thanks, but this doesn't help me at all. I read these all before 2-3 times each and nothing helped me there.
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Re: Help Me Understanding.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Generally you can just use common sense to tell if a spell is fluff. Because they say things like "will turn you into a vampire" and "will make you fly" or "will bring your dead dog to life" if it sounds completely impossible it's most likely a fluff spell.
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Re: Help Me Understanding.
Post # 5
I think it might help if you try to shift your thinking a little in how you try to understand magic, by focusing on what the purpose of magic is. Once you understand that, then you can easily gauge what is real and what isn't by if it fits that purpose or not.

For example here are some things I think of when I ask myself what magic should be used for.

-Expansion of awareness of the self. The body is always receiving stimulus from the world around it. Practicing magic is one way of becoming more consciously aware of the messages and warnings and intuitions it sends you.

-Expansion of awareness of your surroundings. Through your physical senses, your emotional and mental awareness, and spiritual knowledge you gain insight into the environment around yourself. Magic is one of many ways to tune into and connect with spiritual knowledge and forces

-Forming a working relationship with spiritual forces and entities. Magic usually has at least some focus on understanding the folklore around the gods, entities, or forces you want to work with so you can gain a measure of respect/authority with those forces over time. This usually entails things like prayer/giving thanks, offerings appropriate to the desires of who/what you are working with, or other showings of respect.

-Protection, cleansing, and/or banishment. Magic is a spiritual activity and so it connects with spiritual actions like; cleaning away negative emotions and energy, shielding a person from negative emotions. Raising your personal authority and vibration to protect against attack from negative or malicious entities. Creating sacred spaces that have a positive and beneficial atmosphere. And of course sending away harmful forces and influences.

-Subtle and/or internal change. This one is (for me) the meat of magic working and it is best summed up by one of the first proverbs I ever learned. "Discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Any spell or change has to do with asking for help in opening our perspective or awareness to a specific direction, or in some cases, into doing the same for another person. No matter the form or goal, any magic that is worked operates on a spiritual, emotional, and energetic level.

Any magic that tries to directly make something happen like 'make someone like me', or 'make money appear in my wallet', or 'make me invisible', or any other direct physical change is by-and-large completely bogus.

Using that exact same list but in a form of genuine magic would go like this;
"Help me recognize the people who will help me grow as a person", or "Help me find my labor of love", or "protect me from the notice of others who might do me harm."

Magic is not meant to give you things. Magic is meant to create opportunities for you to earn them.

Magic is not meant to make others behave in the way you think is best for you. Magic is meant to open your eyes to seeing the things already put into place for you.

When you see or read about a new spell, ask yourself if it fits into the purpose of what magic is meant to do. If it doesn't fit that purpose, then it likely isn't a genuine spell.

If a spell purports to operate on a physical level like making fire, or growing wings, or making you taller or stronger or faster, or making others do what you want or controlling the weather or making you fly, then it is false.
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Re: Help Me Understanding.
Post # 6
OK thanks, I was just having a bit of trouble because of what I was being told reading and so on. Anyway thanks again.
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