Magic wish spells

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Magic wish spells
Post # 1
I am new here. Was reading on this site about wishing spells using rings, stones and necklaces. Are there wishing spells that actually work?
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Re: Magic wish spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Technically, yes. If you are just beginning with magick I wouldn't recommend diving into spells. Here are some links to helpful topics to get you started

The Basics Expanded:

How to write a spell:


Centering + Grounding:

To answer your question: yes there are some that actually work, but wishing spells won't work for everything. You have to have common sense when using magick. (For example: If you wish to grow wings, turn into a vampire, etc it won't work because those things are not possible with magick) Personally, I for one am not the type to use a wishing spell, I work my way up to it.
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Re: Magic wish spells
Post # 3
I don't want wings or to become a vampire. I understand that. Possibly something simple, for example wishing I had a quarter in my pocket.
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Re: Magic wish spells
Post # 4

I doubt wishing for a quarter in your pocket (or anything similar) will work at all. Magic can not make something out of nothing, just as it can not change people physically.

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Re: Magic wish spells
Post # 5
A good way to think of it is like this. Magic works with potentials and possibilities. So asking for something direct like "Put a quarter in my pocket" Is not ever going to be successful.

However, by the same idea you can work magic to ask for help in getting opportunities to earn money. Or to ask for help in finding the awareness to recognize events in your life as opportunities so when they come your way you can take action towards your goals. Whenever you ask for something the universe doesn't necessarily provide you that thing. But it does set into motion chances for you to act and earn that thing.

If you were to wish for the knowledge of how to play a guitar it will never be beamed into your head by a divine ray of light. Instead you may find a few weeks later that you or someone you know will have recently befriended a musician who is looking for students to teach. So you become presented with the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar if you accept the offer and do the work.

For other examples;

-Wishing for a job might result in getting tips from random conversations about places that are hiring, or new job searching resources that you might use.

-Wishing to learn magic or to have a teacher or guide may result in you chancing across a selection of books in the book store, or recommendations from friends, or through birthday/christmas gifts from family that they just 'had' to get you for no good reason. Or even a chance encounter or random conversation with a wise person that results in some tidbit of wisdom or direction you might head in.

Magic, like any journey, doesn't change the path you are walking so much as it helps make you more aware of crossroads and side trails that might have otherwise been missed. It is still up to you to move your feet down the trail and choose the direction to follow.
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Re: Magic wish spells
Post # 6
I guess all the spells here do not work.
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Re: Magic wish spells
Post # 7

That's not quite true. A lot of spells on here are false because if someone is in the Spellcaster coven, they are able to add spells, not matter their experience. On the other hand, if you look for spells and articles donated (is that the right term??) by other, smaller covens are much more likely to be truer as someone has to earn the respect of the coven to become a councilmemeber. And there are some people on this site who do take magic seriously, and aren't what we call 'fluffies'.

Best of luck.



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