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ASC in Divination
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Altered states of consciousness (ASC), is a practice that people have been experiencing and taking part in for an extremely long period of time, even dating back to the times when we roamed in tribes. People have digested roots, mushrooms, certain mixtures of liquids, and even put salves or creams on their skin in hopes to alter their consciousness enough to shift their view enough to perceive things they may wish. This is one tool that people are able to use so that they may communicate with entities, spirits, the deceased, et cetera. The possibilities don't end there. ASC opens up a window that millions will never witness in their entire life, or lives in some cases. Once again, I find myself at a loss for words to explain just how many possibilities ASC opens up, but specifically I will be discussing Divination in ASC.
I'm not sure how many people participate in divination through use of ASC, as it's one of the things that I came across and developed it on my own, but I have found it very useful and proficient when I don't wish to use other methods to divine. I suppose now would be an appropriate time to confess that I have precognitive and postcognitive abilities. For those that don't know what that is, I am able to shift my perception on events and look at the past and future of it. I developed Divination in ASC so that I could get a clearer "picture" on the things from the past or future that I think should be analyzed on a more indepth level. As with most of my writings, I only speak from my own experiences and perspective in hopes that it might offer some help or guidance to someone somewhere.
I consider this specific practice, though I hate to call it that, more "ritualistic" when compared to other things I participate in. When I say ritualistic, I mean that I have developed a very specific technique and "way of doing things". Because I've spent almost a day in a divination trance before, I make sure I'm relieved, fed, and my other needs are taken care of. While I'm taking care of this I'm conscious of what I'm going to do, so I begin to slowly "stretch" my consciousness. I push my energy out and then hold it and eventually pull it back it. I'll do this several times until I feel it's been proficient. By the time I'm done fulfilling my needs and stretching my consciousness, this is where the magic begins.
To properly understand this, you need to see my perspective. When I tap into magic, which I believe is a deeper level of energy, I "unlock" a part of me that becomes completely inbetween. I'm blind, I have the best sight, my heatbeat and lungs are slow, but my mind is in a state where there is no thought, what is thought is done. Usually if I'm going to do this, I've had some time to think about this. On the day I decide to do it, I will, for lack of a better term and because I hate being so serious all the time, trip balls dude. I do this so that I can become more comfortable with different states of ASC. I'll admit I've experimented with a whole whack load of drugs, and what I find interesting is that it only affects me if I let it. I've been absolutely immersed in different states and I can pull myself out of it and come to sober reality in, what seems to me, a blink of an eye. By the time I'm ready for the real work, I'm able to snap back and forth between different states with more ease because I've been experiencing different states of mind all day.
I've found that if I do this in a dark and cool room, I have better results, though it doesn't matter where and when I do it by this stage if I've been using my techniques. However, I wouldn't suggest doing this practice with much of anyone around for varying reasons. Once settled I'll immediately "shift" my perspective/trance/consciousness to a level that I commonly use for scrying, far seeing, divining, etc. I can't find the words to properly and fully explain how this is done, because I've done it enough times it comes natural. Once I'm at this level, everything I'm doing boils down to instinct, experience, and intent. Since I'm using this for divination purposes, I'm usually searching for something I would consider important like analyzing the past/future of events and how they tie into what I'm looking for. Even though I don't speak, think, or hear for the most part, I will "think" and as I mentioned, what is thought is done. If my intent is to see a certain persons future, I will do so through this method among others. If my intent is clear my dreams so that I can analyze them on an indepth level, once I acknowledge that intent it will become my reality in that present moment.
I could continue writing about the altered states of mind that I've put myself into so that I may divine certain events, people, places, or things, for a long time, but I feel inside of me that what I have here is sufficient enough to help someone in someway. If anyone has any questions on this, don't be afraid to ask because I'll be sure to answer them.
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