Love spell request

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Love spell request
Post # 1
Greetings, I'm a girl studying in college. There is this new boy in my class that I like. He has got a soft voice, a wonderful personality, and a good physic, which makes almost every girl to fall under his charm. I have as well. But there is one problem.
There is this girl, as they met, she fell for him and they became good friends. This girl is trying to get his heart. I don't appreciate that. I don't like the fact this girl gets close to him and I can't. This girl just wants him for a little bit of fun while I want him to spend my life with him. So I think I'm the one who actually deserves him.

I don't know how to approach him. We don't have any friends in common, and I'm the type of girl that spends her time alone when the other students are enjoying.
I'm not that attractive kind of girl either.

If any of you know a way I can get close to him and win his heart, any spell that would work for me, please share if with me.

Thank you.
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Re: Love spell request
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Love spell request
Post # 3
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Re: Love spell request
Post # 4
The only way to get over shyness is to stop thinking and be bold, what do you have to lose?
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Re: Love spell request
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Youre asking about a few different things here in your post.

Whats strikes me first and foremost though is that you describe yourself as not being attractive and shy. You are afraid to or unsure how to approach this young man, and you want a magical solution for that. You have deep feelings towards him and resentment towrds someone you see getting in the way.

First step, is work on you. Dont look at yourself in a negative fashion. Take the time and the mindfulness to do things...every that you appreciate your own inner and outer beauty and that you feel good about yourself. When youve done that....and im not saying that will happen in a day or a week might take some time...then you can use a non magicical approach to solving the problem.

Asfar as the other girl goes...dont worry about her...maybe this guy needs to have his heart broken by her so he can see how awesome YOU are? I dont know. But dont let yourself get wrapped up in negativity.

If you really want to learn magic and do magic on your own; then this is a good place to START. You still need to get the "basics" down, understand how magic works and figure out what if any path you have doing this kind of work. Find out what practices resonate with you and feed you positively so YOU feel wonderful and confident about yourself and the magical works you do.

I know thats not maybe an answer you want to hear. But the energy i got from your post is that you are a really sweet wonderful person who is somewhat caught up in a negative sort of loop.

If you really want to cast love magic, then youll do so. But there is a journey towards that that is incredibly rewarding on many levels. And youre young! So the sooner you start, the more time youll have overall to enjoy the process and manifest wonderful things that YOU DESERVE in your life!

Good luck!

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Re: Love spell request
By: / Novice
Post # 6
completely agree with Thor.

even if you cast a spell you would still need to talk to him. try finding some type of common ground to strike up a conversation [say there's a group project, need to borrow/share a textbook, or if you notice he's got a book/movie/game you like] it's scary i know but you need to talk to him. nothing terrible with happen. perhaps you'll discover you have nothing in common, maybe you'll become friends, or even start dating, but without saying hi you'll never know.

i would also try and boost your confidence. you could try a simple affirmation [which can also be a magick chant] write a phrase on a stickie note and hang it on your mirror, every day when you look in the mirror, smile at yourself, look into your eyes and say that phrase ['i am loved', 'i am kind', 'i am pretty', 'i am enough' whatever. keep it simple but direct] at first you will feel weird, and there will be snarky thoughts that will can you out. ignore them and keep going. they will stop eventually, trust me.

if there's a specific thing you've always hated you could also try changing that [you think you're too fat/thin, hate your hair, don't like your clothes] you can change if you want to, it take effort, but you can do it. work hard to love yourself and love will find you.

spell wise you could try a love spell to attract more love [this can be in the form of self-love, but also attract romantic love. personally i would avoid romantic love right now] you might consider carrying/wearing rose quartz for love.
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