Resist Cold Spell

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Resist Cold Spell
Post # 1
I have been perfecting this spell that I first got the idea from Buddhist monks. Part of the legend and mystery behind these incredible monks is their determination, and will power-so much that according to,

"...some Tibetan monks can control the temperature of their skin through meditation..."


This is a common practice and theme that keeps showing up in my previous examinations of Tibetan Buddhists. This sort of concentration is tremendous and for the right spell caster, this should become a commonly rehearsed for both training of magical energy and concentration purposes.

My question for the Forum, now, is this; What category would this fall under IF it were to pass through a Coven? First thought was Health>Strength. If anyone can provide any insight as to whether this qualifies as a spell or not or their input/criticism, I would greatly appreciate.
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Re: Resist Cold Spell
Post # 2
I honestly don't believe you can control temperature, but I do believe in the mind, the mind is powerful and it makes you feel whichever you are thinking. For instance, say you are cold, then you start thinking about a place that is warm, like California or Florida, your mind will start making you think you are warm, while in reality you are still cold. Meditation does the same, it's unlocking your mind, making it easier for you to focus on certain things. The monks used meditation to make their brain think they are warm, thus making the body seem warm, but it can also be dangerous at the same time.

Now, I'm sure someone will ask why this is dangerous, so I will answer. In Minnesota, a state that gets well below zero, my parents lived there, they had to travel through -30 degree weather. Anyways, people who would meditate to make them think they are warm (or have an alcoholic beverage) to "warm" their bodies up, have been known to take off their outer clothes (coat, jacket, gloves, hats) and leave without them on in the harsh weather. Now keep in mind in Minnesota, you can suffer from frost bite, this is without the wind chill factor. People did freeze themselves to death doing this.

Going back to the mind, there is a story of a worker, who got locked in a step-in freezer, he was so scared and thought he was going to freeze to death, that when he was found dead. The freezer was broken and wasn't on.

As for your spell, yes I would put it under health>strength, but would also put a warning letting people know that it only seems like your body is getting warm.

Sorry for the long talk, but that was just my input/opinion. :)
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Re: Resist Cold Spell
Post # 3
Thank you for the input! Really! I hope that wasn't the interpreted message for everyone. I was leaning towards more of the resilience portion of the spell to add another 'buff' if you found yourself in that situation or wanted to toughen meditation sessions.
I also am experiencing below zero temperatures in the Chicagoland area. It gets bitter over here, so anything that can help me stay warm-even for a brief moment, helps.
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