Do spells really work?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Do spells really work?
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Do spells really work?
Post # 1
I believe that the do, but nothing has happened for about 2-3 years. Did I do something wrong?
I did:
And some power spells.
Anything I could do to make them work?

Re: Do spells really work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Those particular spells are fake, hence why they've not worked for you.

Such things cannot be achieved with magic. You are human and human you will stay. Spells cannot be used to cause physical transformation, alteration of D.N.A, growth of appendages (wings, tails, etc), turn you into mythical creatures and anything along those lines.
If you are truly interested in learning about actual magic, I would suggest looking into what magic can and cannot do. I have also provided a few links below that may prove useful to you.
Just remove any spaces that appear when you copy/paste it into your browser bar and they should work just fine. Starting Out:
The Basics Expanded:
Grounding and Centering: 829288
The Elements:
Magical Correspondences:
Basics of Spellwork:
Troubleshooting Spells:
Designing Rituals:
Featured Articles:

Re: Do spells really work?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Yes, spells do work, but not these spells.

Physical transformations will never work, magick cannot change your DNA, it cannot change you physically into any creature, mythical or otherwise and many people have told you this over several of your forum posts.

I would suggest going back to the beginning and learn the "basics" of what magick can and can't do, its limitations, because despite what many people believe, magick is an energy and just like other energies, it has its limitations.

Re: Do spells really work?
Post # 4
Yes, spells do work. It's just that those particular kind of spells do not work.

Magick can not alter your DNA and it never will be able to. I suggest reading up on what Magick can and cannot do. I believe Lark has some lovely articles that would help you. Other members do as well. Continue to read up on real magick. If someone say they are a Werewolf, Vampire, Neko, Mermaid, or any other mythical creature do not listen to them.

I hope this helped. ~Blessed be~

Re: Do spells really work?
Post # 5
As others have stated the spells you tried are fantasy.

Yes spells work but they need to have a realistic outcome (spells will not defy the laws of nature) and they will only work as well as the practitioner doing them.

There is a lot more to a spell than just lighting a candle saying some words and thinking you can have whatever you like. It just doesn't work like that.

At a very basic level spells are raising, manipulating and directing energy along with strong focus, symbolism and visualisation to achieve a desired outcome.

If you don't meditate regularly you have little chance of understanding your own energy let alone tapping into the energy around you.

If you don't do visualisation exercises on a regular basis you have little chance of successfully visualising your desired outcome.

If you don't practice basic energy work you will have trouble directing energy.

This is why you need to get the basics down before you attempt any spell. Witchcraft is not an easy way to get what you want in the world. Witchcraft is not a path for the lazy, it is constant study and working with nature, not against it.

I hope this helps you understand why people keep saying to learn the basics first before starting spells.

Re: Do spells really work?
Post # 6
Magick exists entirely within the laws of nature. There is nothing supernatural about it. Therefore, people who claim that their spells can turn you into a fantasy creature can generally be assumed fraudulent or just plain delusional.

Magick is about taking control of your life and projecting more of the things you want into life. If you would like to learn more about it, this site has a sea of helpful resources for beginners.

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